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Top of the Bluffs

Located in: Scarborough
Location #11591

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Location Owner:chiller
Creation Date: 1/13/2015
Last Updated: 1/13/2015

I came across this house back in 08 while on my way down to see Billy Van's Cottage. What stuck out at the time was the long over grown driveway, which i walked down, hoping to access the cottage. What I came across was this abandoned house with a kicked in wood panel. I only had my cell phone and camera at the time, with no protection or proper lighting, but poked around anyways in complete darkness with only a cell phone light. I went back at a later day with more gear and it was boarded back up. This location has been demolished and another house built further away from the bluffs.
Inside was interesting, like whoever owned it took what he could, but there were plenty of clothes and photos around. A photo album showed the owner must have worked for a clothing company or something as it was the same guy posing in his living room in various clothes. I will post more of those photos later. I dont have any other information as to a street address(there we no signs) or anything about the owner. Will keep searching for that.
Sorry for the late post. These have been trapped on an old hard drive and we were finally able to recover some of my old explores.

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Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm


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On 1/13/2015 5:12:08 PM user chiller uploaded photos : IMG_9716x.jpg / IMG_9717x.jpg / IMG_9718x.jpg / IMG_9720x.jpg / IMG_9722x.jpg / IMG_9788x.jpg / IMG_9794x.jpg / IMG_9795x.jpg / IMG_9799x.jpg / IMG_9800x.jpg / IMG_9801x.jpg / IMG_9811x.jpg / IMG_9813x.jpg / IMG_9815x.jpg / IMG_9820x.jpg / IMG_9821x.jpg / IMG_9822x.jpg / IMG_9823x.jpg / IMG_9832x.jpg / IMG_9834x.jpg / IMG_9837x.jpg / IMG_9838x.jpg / IMG_9845x.jpg / IMG_9847x.jpg / IMG_9850x.jpg / IMG_9852x.jpg / IMG_9855x.jpg / IMG_9861x.jpg / to SID: 113201514720
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