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Tolsmaville (ghost town)

Located in: Manitoulin Island
Location #1024

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Location Owner:tripper_dave
Creation Date: 12/28/2009
Last Updated: 12/28/2009

Located about 40 km by water south of Thessalon, this village was the port of entry for the agriculural community on Cockburn Island, which today is part of the District of Manitoulin.

The books refer to this as a major ghost town, but it is still inhabited.

When the rad came to Manitoulin and the North Shore, it spelled the end of the steamboat service on which Cockburn relied. By the late '50's the last family had moved to the mainland, most moving to Thessalon. They kept their homes though, and the summer sees quite a lot of activity. There is a great little harbour where they dock their boats and visiting sailors tie up. The parking lot is full of some amazing old junkers that still run and are used for island transportation. The harbour also sees regular visits from tugs and barges transporting pulpwood from the island to Thessalon. there is also often a fishing boat in harbour.

We visited on our sailboat in the summer of 2002 and there was a big party going on to celebrate the 100th anniversary of their little church. People were really friendly, we walked around for a day, there are many well-kept, fine old houses standing next to derelict shells. A fascinating place.

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Tolsmaville (ghost town)
Created by: tripper_dave

Tolsmaville (ghost town)

Tolsmaville (ghost town)

Tolsmaville (ghost town)

Tolsmaville (ghost town)


Status: Unknown
Category: Ghost Town


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J-Rod says:
3/18/2014 2:31:34 PM

My parents have a camp in this town. I spent most of my childhood summers here.

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