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Tiny Grey

Located in: Tiny Township
Location #10811

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Location Owner:timo explorer
Creation Date: 7/26/2014
Last Updated: 7/26/2014

Very old grey farmhouse, sitting surrounded by active farm fields. The barn looks to be used for storage and the long dirt driveway is well-used as well, mostly for field access.

Inside the house is mostly stripped, but the age is impressive, certainly well over one hundred years and still standing. Floors are starting to fail, and the stairs are more than risky.

Exterior is beautifully faded wood, and you can still see the craftsmanship in the small details.

From aeb00:

I was on my way to visit the cobblestone house on this road. I have driven by it many times over the past couple years and slowed down... but I never stopped because I always thought, "I'll come back when I have my camera with me!" ... Big mistake! It has been demolished. :(

Lucky for me... I noticed this little gem in the very next driveway that I had never noticed before... (I call that fate)!

It's absolutely gorgeous! It's delightful and quaint... but absolutely decayed and decrepit.
I'm not sure if all the drywall and walls were just completely rotted away, destroyed, and/or crumbled down... or if it was never actually finished. You can see the framework throughout this little treasure, but there are piles of crumbled bits in each room. There is an old-styled desk with the built in chair in one room which makes me want to believe it was a school house of some sort... but obviously only a class of one (lol). There is an upper level but I don't think it is safe to even attempt to get up there. There doesn't appear to be a basement from inside, but I did notice in the back of the house there is a large hole that is quite worn in underneath the foundation leading under the house. It looks like it could go to a basement... I could definitely fit but I wasn't about to check *shivers*.

The property has a couple trailers, a shed, a knocked over and overgrown old-school metal swing set, a large locked barn, and other items. It all seems to be completely untouched. There is barely any vandalism, but the entrance ways are all locked and overgrown. This is definitely a location that is still a secret... so let's show it some respect!

Still needs pictures of the property, barn, shed, etc.

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Empty Home
Tiny Grey
Created on:9/7/2016
Created by: ForgottenPlaces
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Tiny Grey
Created on:4/3/2015
Created by: aeb00
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Tiny Grey
Created on:7/26/2014
Created by: timo explorer
13 photos


Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm


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    ForgottenPlaces says:
    5/26/2017 3:17:15 PM

    The Tiny Grey has came to its time, it is now demolished. :(

    aeb00 says:
    4/4/2015 11:55:43 AM

    I knew someone had to have found this place before me! I'm still surprised there isn't more galleries tho! Did anyone get out to that cobblestone house for some pictures before it was demolished? Such a shame...

    shawno says:
    11/21/2014 3:22:32 AM

    Dang it I was watching this place for years never had the nerve to go down the driveway haha

    ground state says:
    7/27/2014 6:17:42 AM

    Beautiful exterior door.

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