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Tillsonburg Pioneer Graveyard

Located in: Oxford County
Location #15001

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Location Owner:mobileworks
Creation Date: 9/30/2017
Last Updated: 9/30/2017


Only after 43 years this pioneer cemetery closed [ 1838-1881 , which is on the gate but the town website says this cemetery closed in 1870]. Members of the Tillson family are buried here in fenced plot. All pioneer cemeteries will have to be compared to this one. It has all names and dates on a cairn as you enter with a lettered map and information plaque, as well. Small stones around the headstones minimise growth. From hundreds of pioneer cemeteries I have visited this is the best or one of the best, in this province.

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Status: Closed
Category: Cemetery

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A Light In Yonder Skies
Tillsonburg Pioneer Graveyard
Created on:9/30/2017
Created by: mobileworks
50 photos

mobileworks says:
10/5/2017 3:09:11 PM

Thanks Paul for noticing, You don't think I talk that way? lol. This is from the bottom of a headstone where they have a few nice words, and where I usually get the title from. Some are very bitter 'like in death's cold arms ' for example.

bigpaulsmall says:
10/1/2017 10:26:08 PM

I love your gallery title. How did you ever come up with "A Light In Yonder Skies"?

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