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The Poorhouse Cemetery

Located in: Centre Wellington
Location #10868

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Location Owner:Cerulean
Creation Date: 8/4/2014
Last Updated: 7/8/2015

The Wellington County House of Industry and Refuge operated between 1877 and 1947. It was the last place for people with no one to take care of them and no where else to go. People called it the "Poorhouse." Inmates of the Poorhouse who had no family to claim them after death were buried in the one-acre cemetery located at the edge of the property. Over 270 men, women, and children are buried there. Metal tags on the trees planted in 1950s mark places of burial after the wooden crosses had rotted away.

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Status: Historic Location
Category: Cemetery



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    Poorhouse Tunnels '15
    The Poorhouse Cemetery
    Created on:7/8/2015
    Created by: Motleykiwi
    31 photos
    Resting Place
    The Poorhouse Cemetery
    Created on:8/4/2014
    Created by: Cerulean
    25 photos

    Cerulean says:
    7/11/2015 6:05:45 PM

    What? There's a tunnel!? How did I not know this? Nice. :)

    timo explorer says:
    8/6/2014 8:42:44 PM

    Nice piece of history. We also have one of these in Newmarket, location 2275, which is kept as a great secret from the locals.

    Cerulean says:
    8/5/2014 5:47:40 PM

    Thanks guys. :)

    mobileworks says:
    8/5/2014 12:44:12 AM

    Congrats on your first location , good job, readable and great detail.

    superss says:
    8/4/2014 8:28:32 PM

    Yes Cerulean good job & step back in history. Good job by whomever restored & upgraded it as well.

    trailblazer519 says:
    8/4/2014 8:02:43 PM

    Good job Cerulean.. :-)
    I should add also... that this small historical cemetery was restored and upgraded last summer with a walking path, benches, stairs and historical placards. As well as the stone monument and random head stones. They even had a small opening ceremony for it.
    It's also rumoured to be haunted, as is much of Fergus and Elora..

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