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The Pines Motel

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Status: Demolished
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Created By:ground state
Creation Date: 8/14/2014
Last Updated: 9/9/2014
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A standard 'just off the QEW' motel with the bonus of the owners' house to explore. House is predominantly empty, but sporadic leftovers can be found with a bit of searching. Try the basement, where most items remain untouched. Construction reworking the end of Centennial Parkway has blocked the entire area off, making this a relatively secluded inner-city exploration if you can stand the nervous proximity of city workers milling around. The Pines Restaurant sat abandoned next door for several years but was recently demolished. Construction workers are parking their cars in the empty restaurant lot, where you can blend your vehicle in nicely.

Sept '14
The Pines Motel
Created on:9/9/2014
Created by: Motleykiwi
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August 11, 2014
The Pines Motel
Created on:8/14/2014
Created by: OAP
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Address: CENTENNIAL at GODERICH, Hamilton, ON L8E, Canada

Motleykiwi 5/2/2015 9:52:14 PM

This has been demolished.

OAP 9/9/2014 9:11:26 PM

Idiot kids... I hope someone does this to their home one day.

Motleykiwi 9/9/2014 8:50:32 PM

This place is totally trashed now.

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