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The One With The Gate

Located in: Georgina
Location #5410

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Location Owner:Mydea
Creation Date: 9/13/2012
Last Updated: 9/14/2012

I wish I could tell you more about this location, but I really have no clue as to what it was used for. It is large, it is strange, and it is in really bad shape. It looks like it was used for institutional purposes, maybe a drug rehab center, or a group home. All the rooms are numbered and there is evidence of a commercial type kitchen. Somebody went buck wild ripping out walls in parts of the building, replaced some windows and doors, then stopped. This place has it's own eco-system growing on the walls, floors and ceilings and the basement is close to being a lake. Careful navigation is required because the floor is so rotten in some spots that it is sinking to the abyss. The place is in the middle of a swamp so I wouldn't figure the property was bought for development so my guess is this is the result of gov't cut backs???

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Status: Demolished
Category: Commercial


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Vanessa says:
10/26/2012 4:52:02 PM

I would love to visit, but I think I need to drum up some company first for this one.

Mydea says:
9/16/2012 9:59:59 AM

N 44 11.041 W 79 20.090 is 100% abandoned. I know the spot well. Lots of old machinery but the house is in rough shape. I tried going in years back and got attacked by a rabid raccoon. I'll double check but I think it might be a location already.

ground state says:
9/15/2012 11:08:19 AM

Got me addicted again (I'm a certified "topography junkie", I think). How about this place? N 44 11.041 W 79 20.090 Good shots are unfortunately 7 years old, but the driveway doesn't look like anyone had driven down it in a long time.

ground state says:
9/15/2012 10:49:43 AM

I made a geocaching series once called Backwoods Secrets that visited all of these little 'anomolies' in the bush, and nothing I've seen had that shape. I wonder if it is a big white tarp covering common.

Mydea says:
9/14/2012 10:15:29 PM

N44 15.922 W79 19.596 looks promising, not sure about the second one, I haven't ventured down frog street yet. Any thoughts on 44.248479, -79.347395?

timo explorer says:
9/14/2012 7:09:05 PM

To the best of my recollection, this was once a motel/diner. Also had this on my list of places to explore, you are saving me lots of time. I need to get my butt out there and do some more local exploring.

ground state says:
9/14/2012 6:14:39 PM

Sounded like a very cool spot from your description (and it didn't disappoint!) so I started out by checking surrounding area on the map. Any chance these are abandoned and ready for infiltration? N 44 15.922 W 79 19.596 and N 44 15.241 W 79 18.852 ?

mobileworks says:
9/14/2012 4:36:04 PM

i hope i can get to the gate on highway 48 b4 its too late but i think it will have to wait, just great. sounds like a winter explore, good eye.

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