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The Maples

Location #11484
City: East Garafraxa
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Status: Demolished
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Created By:trailblazer519
Creation Date: 12/4/2014
Last Updated: 12/4/2014
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A fairly recent abandonment overlooking 'The Maples' just outside Citrus City.
I believe a young family vacated this old house in the spring or early summer of this year due to a constantly flooding basement and mouse problem. May have been a rental property.
Someone left every window in the house open, maybe to help speed up the decay process. The basement was the smoking room. There's also a barn foundation out back and lots of junk scattered around the property.
A nice piece of property. I wonder what will become of it..

**Update: Apr 2015 - Demolished. Everything but the barn foundation is gone.**

The Maples
The Maples
Created on:12/4/2014
Created by: trailblazer519
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Address: 65142-65278 Orangeville Fergus Road, East Garafraxa, ON L0N, Canada

trailblazer519 4/12/2015 12:37:48 AM


trailblazer519 12/26/2014 9:54:01 AM

Excavator now on site. Sheds and all garbage is gone. House could be next..

maple 12/24/2014 5:40:26 PM

This little place is in amazing condition. Nice find!

trailblazer519 12/4/2014 10:07:24 PM

Absolutely. It's still a nice little house. I thought about closing all the windows, but didn't..

f.o.s. 12/4/2014 9:57:59 PM

Such a shame to see a place like this neglected. Looks like it could have been salvaged, maybe still could but at great expense.

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