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The Lapp House

Ontario : Ajax and Pickering
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Created By:spydrgyrl
Creation Date: 2/13/2011
Last Updated: 3/21/2012
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Hard to spot in the summertime as its view is obstructed by trees, this house sits far back on the property.

The property was purchased in 1840 by Andrew Lapp. The house has been handed down through several generations of Lapps, though I'm not sure who owns it at the present time.

Andrew Lapp grew tobacco on his farm, which he dried and cured for his own use. He would make it into plugs which he had such a penchant to chew that his teeth were worn down on one side from the tobacco. He apparently ran from the field one day claiming he was being chased by the devil. Andrew must have been quite a colourful character.

The Lapp House
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March 2012
The Lapp House
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The Lapp House
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Lapp of Luxury
The Lapp House
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Lapp House
The Lapp House
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The Lapp House
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timo explorer
timo explorer 9/26/2011 6:23:33 PM

Yes, the house is definitely still there. As of September 23, 2011.

captamerica 9/26/2011 6:08:30 PM

The house is still there (looks like timo was there this weekend!) and the Google maps entry is very specific (I put it there!). Cool explore.

chri5tin3 8/10/2011 10:23:04 PM

This house seems really interesting to me and I really cant wait to go check it out! Does anyone know if it is still there? I was trying to look for it but its kinda hard on google maps... But I did find a few interesting historical pieces of info on the Lapp family.
1. http://www.pada.ca/lib/books/2/595/11939.jpg
. http://www.pada.ca/lib/books/2/595/11940.jpg
. http://www.pada.ca/lib/books/2

dave bailey
dave bailey 6/19/2011 9:28:12 PM

I would presume that Andrew Lapp was related to the Lapps who had the cider mill in Cedar Grove, on Reesor Road near 14th Avenue. Had a lot of their product when I was a kid!

captamerica 2/25/2011 3:11:29 PM

Here's the link... I visited this one in the summer. Front door was wide open at the time.

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