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The Hull House

Ontario : Middlesex County
Location #11230

Location Owner:Dave Summer
Creation Date: 10/5/2014
Last Updated: 8/31/2018

Great looking old white farmhouse. Farmer has been there the several times I have tried.

Information added by Bumblebee April 20th 2015
After having the pleasure of drooling over this location from Dave's Photo's, Storytrail and I finally made our way to the area capping off a surprise birth-day of exploring. Approaching from the 402, the houses' impeccable peeling was distinct even against an overcast sky. After carefully passing by the farm a few times we tried the neighbor, inquiring about the owner. With the firmest of handshakes I had ever received we made our way down the road to the Morgans (1144). Knocking on the door, a woman in her fifties opened up to Storytrail and I with a bit of perplexity and curiosity. Inquiring about the white house she had said that a women was in fact there the day before inquiring about it. Fetching her son (Storytrail and I are unsure of his name but we think it was A. W.) he appeared stand offish and unwilling as someone had just come the day before. In a complete turn about, he made it clear that we would only be aloud exteriors and that he would accompany us to the house. Waiting for the son, the mother began telling us about how the house had been in the family since the late 1800's when it was constructed. She had said that the last people to live in the house were her parents who had passed away sometime in the late 80's to early 90's and that the house was showing signs of collapsing soon.

After tailing the son up to the farm, we drove up the bumpy driveway parking in the looming shadow of the beautiful house. Instantly AW began telling us about how he didn't understand the uptick in interest in the house as it had gone so long abandoned without being noticed. More, relaxed and friendly now he began firing off fast facts about the house including how they used a type of sand stone for insulation, how the now cracking columns needed replacement and were initially brought in on horse and buggy, and how the house was once used for the filming of a horror movie (AW said that the house was the scariest thing about it). AW also told us about how there had been a rash of break and enters, people stealing specifically a 1970's playboy puzzle. AW also revealed that the reason he didn't want to allow anyone inside was because the structure of the house itself was grossly compromised (holes in the side cracked columns on the porch and the risk of falling through the badly bowing hardwood floors. After spending a half hour of shooting and getting our very own guided tour we parted ways with a friendly handshake and farewell to a very friendly family.

Ill leave it up to you Dave but when questioned about what they call the house the said they always called it the HULL house (namesake of the people who constructed it).

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May 2018
The Hull House
Created on:8/31/2018
Created by: OAP
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Rustic and Decayed
The Hull House
Created on:5/10/2017
Created by: RoseBR
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Hull in a Handbasket
The Hull House
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June 28, 2015
The Hull House
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Locked Out '15
The Hull House
Created on:7/13/2015
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April 2015
The Hull House
Created on:4/20/2015
Created by: Bumblebee
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Sept. 2014
The Hull House
Created on:10/5/2014
Created by: Dave Summer
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Address: 1631 Napperton Drive, Kerwood, ON
Province: Ontario

Dave Summer says:
6/9/2019 7:09:06 PM

This house is demolished.

Dave Summer says:
4/21/2015 10:18:32 AM

Thanks for taking the time to talk to the family and getting up close to this house. Nice to see inside. It didn't really look unsafe to me.

Bumblebee says:
4/20/2015 10:24:15 AM

Storytrail and I stopped in yesterday as I couldn't get over how beautiful this place was just from the distance photos. They family is incredibly nice but are understandably guarded when first meeting.

superss says:
10/30/2014 11:17:58 PM

This place is beautiful.

mobileworks says:
10/22/2014 4:10:24 PM

Sometimes just walking up and talking to him, works and then you get a relaxing shoot...sometimes but not always, lol.

Motleykiwi says:
10/6/2014 10:23:39 AM

Looks sweet, perhaps a winter entry, good luck!

crazycarclub says:
10/5/2014 1:29:59 PM

I've driven by this one a few times and he farmer was out back each time.

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