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Thanet (ghost town)

Ontario : Hastings Colonization Road
Location #774

Location Owner:clay70
Creation Date: 8/3/2009
Last Updated: 2/7/2017

Thanet is the 4th ghost town heading north up the Old Hastings Rd. from Millbridge. It is 2.5 kms north of Murphy Corners and south of Ormsby.

Thanet was considered the main stopping place as one headed north past Murphy Corners toward Ormsby. This community had 3 hotels, the most famous being "Thwaites Place". The village was also known as McKillican as its first postmaster was none-other than Benjamin McKillican Sr. According to Ron Brown there was also a church, school and mill. To view the postal records click the link below.

The cemetery still exists on the east side of the road just past a swampy creek area. To the north of this is where I suspect the centre of Thanet was located as there are 2 farms with open and cleared land. Otherwise, like all the other ghost towns along the Hastings Rd. the area is heavily treed mixed with Precambrian Shield granite.

"Thanet was also referred to as McKilligans in 1875 (Crown Land Report) and McKillican's Corners in 1873 (Crown Land Report). Thanet was mentioned as a post office in the 1877 Crown Land Report. (Source MNR.) Post office 1865-1970; early postmaster was Benjamin McKillican. Also known as McKillican's Stand."

To see a topo map of Thanet circa 1948 check this link here:

Murderer caught in Thanet-- for the historic details check the photo link below in the gallery

Thanet is just past the creek where the cemetery is marked north of Murphy Corners. The next 2 ghost towns heading north from here will be Ormsby and Umfraville.

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Thanet (ghost town)
Murderer caught in Thanet
Created by: clay70
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Thanet (ghost town)
Thanet (ghost town)
In the Thick of Thanet
Created by: clay70
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Thanet (ghost town)

Thanet (ghost town)

Thanet (ghost town)

Thanet (ghost town)

Thanet (ghost town)

Thanet (ghost town)

Thanet (ghost town)


Status: Unknown
Category: Ghost Town

http://www.collectionscanada.g Thanet Post Office History


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clay70 says:
8/22/2011 7:17:37 PM

thanks for the addition skye_ann

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