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Teviotdale Farm

Ontario : Mapleton Township
Location #661

Location Owner:dwild63
Creation Date: 5/18/2009
Last Updated: 3/3/2011

We found this enroute to Port Elgin. Quite a lage Farm house with silos beside the barn. Once beautiful in its time. Floors and ceiling were sagging so I did not venture upstairs. The fireplace in the living room was huge taking up an entire wall.

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Teviotdale Farm
Created on:3/3/2011
Created by: chris.belton
20 photos
Teviotdale Farm
Created on:3/3/2011
Created by: chris.belton
11 photos
Teviotdale Farm
Created on:6/30/2010
Created by: dwild63
10 photos


Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm


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doom vs says:
12/16/2012 10:04:03 AM

Only the three silos remain...I was driving by last year as they were taking down the barn. Status change to demolished.

punchbowl says:
12/18/2011 7:00:26 PM

These pictures really give you an insight of what happened here!! & the sad part of this entire siutation is that the Provincial Government is at fault here! - & it makes me sick that they can never admint what they let happend to this family & Farm !!!! Shameful!!!

haweater says:
10/30/2011 2:35:55 PM

I passed by there in June '11, and the barn is demolished, but the silos remain standing. No obvious sight seen of the remains of the house or any other buildings.
The Ministry's defense in the lawsuit is that they "probably" knew that a road building contractor dumped asphalt on the property a long time ago, but they said "they didn't know it was harmful at the time". It is unlikely any

haweater says:
5/27/2009 12:59:04 AM

I haven't been their, but I heard about this place in the farm newspapers:

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