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Telstar Gardens

Ontario : Hamilton
Location #6219

Location Owner:ground state
Creation Date: 1/27/2013
Last Updated: 8/31/2014

An abandoned gardening centre on a busy street corner. First spotted this one in the summer of 2011, so has it has been empty and derelict for at least a few years. Neat visuals here in that plants inside the greenhouses have reversed the reclamation of nature that we usually see. Instead of surrounding growth reaching up and swallowing this abandoned location, the growth is coming from inside the location itself, reaching out of every broken hole.

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March '14
Telstar Gardens
Created on:8/31/2014
Created by: Tomo
15 photos
Bonus Clips
Telstar Gardens
Created on:1/27/2013
Created by: f.o.s.
14 photos
Telstar Jan 2013
Telstar Gardens
Created on:1/27/2013
Created by: ground state
23 photos


Status: Being Demolished
Category: Commercial


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ground state says:
8/31/2014 5:35:08 PM

There is a large greenhouse 100 m to the northeast that may still be part of the property, but the retail portion and the immediately attached greenhouse(s) is gone.

Tomo says:
8/31/2014 10:26:17 AM

It's demolished now?! That's quite a shame. I've put a new album up.

ground state says:
8/29/2014 7:34:39 AM

Tomo, any pics? Always nice to add more to demolished locations.

Tomo says:
8/26/2014 1:46:25 PM

Visited back in March, amazing photo spot. Even during winter it was nice and warm indoors in the parts where the roof was still in tact.

sarahdanielleph says:
1/28/2013 12:20:05 PM

Awesome set! Can't wait to check this out!!!

sarahdanielleph says:
1/28/2013 12:19:53 PM

Awesome! Can't wait to check this out!!!

SuperSonic says:
1/27/2013 12:29:58 PM

I grew up just down the road from this site. shame to see it in this condition.

doom vs says:
1/27/2013 10:29:20 AM

Lol we drove by this yesterday. Nice set GS. Indeed there are some details there making for nice pics.

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