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Talisman Ski Resort

Located in: Grey Highlands
Location #4066

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Location Owner:burrowingowl
Creation Date: 2/12/2012
Last Updated: 9/5/2014

Talisman has been abandoned for almost a year now, and is quickly falling into a state of disrepair.
Easily accessible (I drove in). Many people around - hikers, cross-country skiiers, dog walkers, etc.

Bidding for the main resort area of the Talisman property (150 Talisman Mountain Drive) closed at 3 p.m. on Monday, August 12. The minimum bid was set at $2.39 million to cover taxes owing on the property.

This is the second time Krueger has made the exact same announcement, as the first tax sale closed with no bids for the main property on March 4.

Other secondary properties, however, were sold at that time.

Grey Highlands Mayor Wayne Fitzgerald said he was disappointed the municipality received no bids in the second tax sale.

"But that's life," he said.

Monday's outcome was not what CAO Dan Best expected.

"I am surprised we didn't receive any subsequent bids," said Best. "In terms of next steps, staff will meet to assess options and make recommendations to council on the matter."

So the old Mountain Resort remains in limbo once more.

Arson on the same date...

Grey County OPP received a call for mischief to the property at 9:20 p.m. on Monday, August 12 after five males were observed entering the property. The caller heard glass breaking.

Police arrived on scene and detected smoke on the second floor. Grey Highlands Fire Department attended the fire, and extinguished it quickly. There was minimal damage to the building.

Current status: ACTIVE AGAIN.

Abandoned houses may be dangerous! Read the LEGAL DISCLAIMER.
Always obtain permission before entering someone else's property.

July 1st, 2013
Talisman Ski Resort
Created on:4/9/2014
Created by: Storytrail
18 photos
April 14, 2013
Talisman Ski Resort
Created on:8/18/2013
Created by: OAP
16 photos
Talisman Ski Resort
Created on:8/15/2013
Created by: Finz519
18 photos
They've Given Up
Talisman Ski Resort
Created on:4/8/2013
Created by: kking
20 photos
Top of Talisman
Talisman Ski Resort
Created on:3/26/2012
Created by: dchia73
6 photos
Talisman Ski Resort
Created on:3/25/2012
Created by: dchia73
14 photos
Top of the Hill to you
Talisman Ski Resort
Created on:3/25/2012
Created by: Golson Moldon
9 photos
Talisman Summer/Fall 2011
Talisman Ski Resort
Created on:2/26/2012
Created by: kking
10 photos
Talisman Resort - Abandoned
Talisman Ski Resort
Created on:2/12/2012
Created by: burrowingowl
8 photos


Status: Active
Category: Recreational


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Storytrail says:
12/16/2014 6:15:48 PM

This property is now active - contractors have been on-site, the place is being renovated and is no longer abandoned.

Storytrail says:
6/28/2014 11:11:12 AM

Property purchased by toronto development team... will become a hotel and spa.

OAP says:
10/2/2013 1:38:57 PM

The fire dept. also checks up weekly on this place for any poe's. This will prevent any further damage although mold has begun to set in.

crazycarclub says:
10/2/2013 12:30:53 PM

There was a story on the ctv news about the municipality taking over the property.

Golson Moldon says:
9/27/2013 8:39:47 AM

Grey Highlands to take over ownership.

doom vs says:
8/28/2013 5:02:59 PM

There was more we left unexplored due to other visitors and time. Thanks GS.

ground state says:
8/28/2013 4:59:25 PM

Lots of great galleries here, but Doom, your collection really stresses the absolutely flabbergasting loss of potential assets here. Lots of room shots in everyone's galleries, but you really captured the sheer amount of commodities left behind. Holy crap. I'm stunned.

doom vs says:
8/26/2013 12:28:29 PM

Only dog walkers, locals and petty thiefs around for my visit this weekend.

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