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Located in: Mississauga
Location #11635

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Location Owner:superss
Creation Date: 1/27/2015
Last Updated: 1/27/2015

This is 2 sets of 2 homes that will become a few of the driveways for an apartment complex & big retail (Walmart ?) development that is to be built just behind the properties.

Previously the property to the rear of these homes was a manufacturer that was probably heavily employed by the original residents on this street. In 1951 it was the first factory in Canada to manufacture televisions, along with radios, phonographs and refrigerators as Admiral & then later as Inglis before closing its doors in 1991. Since then it had been used by a number of business' over the years. It was recently & quickly demolished without any pictures from me. You snooze you lose.

I was only able to get into 1 of the 4 homes, which may have been one of the smallest homes I have ever been in. The other 3 were sealed up with boards &/or screwed in doors. Nothing overly exciting here but with the quickness of the demolition of the Inglis building, these homes could be vaporized at any moment.

13 March 2015 Update

All 4 demolished

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Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm


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    Created on:1/28/2015
    Created by: superss
    17 photos

    superss says:
    3/14/2015 12:54:39 PM

    All 4 demolished.

    superss says:
    2/20/2015 2:32:33 PM

    First two of the 4 homes have been demolished.

    mobileworks says:
    1/29/2015 12:27:05 AM

    good finds, ya things are always changing.

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