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Strathcona Bricks

Ontario : Stone Mills
Location #11959

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Creation Date: 5/2/2015
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Quite hard to notice if you pass by quickly there is three walls of some kind of brick structure hanging out just of the Cataraqui Trail. The brickwork is pretty exposed and in a late stage of degredation due to the years of erosion on the structure. It must have served as a house or something in the distant past as you can see that there are areas of newer brick that fits in where windows or doors once might have been, and there are also metal remnants in the centre of it. Several piles of brick and old stone columns lie metres away, and the char marks on both those piles and the original structure suggest fire may have aided in it's demise.

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Address: Strathcona, Stone Mills, ON, Canada
Province: Ontario

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