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Stop 50 Truck Stop

Ontario : Hamilton
Location #6201

Location Owner:f.o.s.
Creation Date: 1/20/2013
Last Updated: 11/19/2017

Stop 50 Truck Stop was a little spot where travelers could find a cheap meal and a cheap bed. I'm not sure when it shut down, but given the room decor and old school tv sets, I can't say I'm surprised it couldn't compete with Holiday Inn Express. The restaurant is locked tight. Several rooms in the motel are open, and one particularly spelled like death (Room 8). A word of caution! Just as we were about to leave, a man with a key unlocked and went into Room 10 without so much as a word to us. This location seems to have been repurposed into a hobo hangout. Further evidence includes a camper out back which ground state tried to convince me was uninhabitable, despite the two fresh oranges and box of Ferraro Rochers on the dresser (he's got guts that one). It reeked so badly of piss, I'm inclined to agree.

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Status: Demolished | Category: Commercial

Stop 50's
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:11/20/2017
Created by: Audventurous
6 photos
Bad cell pics
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:8/25/2017
Created by: FiveAlive
4 photos
At night
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:7/17/2017
Created by: xourbex
8 photos
2017 Visit
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:4/13/2017
Created by: Digitisation
3 photos
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:2/19/2017
Created by: trespasseverywhere
5 photos
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:1/22/2017
Created by: sorryimmandyy
3 photos
Stop 50
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:10/11/2016
Created by: URBEXwe
10 photos
July 8, 2016
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:7/9/2016
Created by: jcoll1995
20 photos
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:5/7/2016
Created by: KnightHawk
35 photos
Highway resturant
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:4/26/2016
Created by: smurf
29 photos
The Big 50
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:4/18/2016
Created by: LivingGhost
30 photos
Fifty Shades Again
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:4/10/2016
Created by: KnightHawk
10 photos
50 below 0
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:2/13/2016
Created by: princessninja
13 photos
Keep on Truckin'
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:2/7/2016
Created by: Talker
5 photos
Winter 2015
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:12/22/2015
Created by: burchhh
17 photos
Stop 50
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:12/12/2015
Created by: CainAbelPhotog
8 photos
Dark Night By The QEW
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:9/29/2015
Created by: ForgottenRails
6 photos
Stop 50
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:4/22/2015
Created by: Ryan
16 photos
Rest Stop
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:3/16/2015
Created by: AKingz
6 photos
Sept '14
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:9/8/2014
Created by: Motleykiwi
15 photos
May 22, 2014
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:5/22/2014
Created by: Psycoticfrog
17 photos
Deserted to Destroyed
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:4/15/2014
Created by: lowkeyimagedesign
12 photos
Jan. 2013
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:2/17/2013
Created by: senorchang
10 photos
Dec 2012
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:2/11/2013
Created by: bighelga
2 photos
Just Stopping In
Stop 50 Truck Stop
Created on:1/20/2013
Created by: f.o.s.
20 photos

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Address: 1310 South Service Road, Hamilton, ON L8E 5C5, Canada
Province: Ontario

Roversyndrome says:
1/13/2018 7:41:20 PM


Motleykiwi says:
9/29/2015 11:13:40 PM

It was open at one point this year, POE's come and go here.

ForgottenRails says:
9/29/2015 9:14:18 PM

Can confirm the building is still sealed tight.

Motleykiwi says:
9/8/2014 9:22:10 PM

Restaurant is sealed back up again with boards.

teeko says:
4/25/2013 8:20:03 AM

and restaraunt for a while. We used to sit out back and watch the lot lizards whom have all relocated to the 5th wheel, I'm sure. The wheel, coincidentally, also has a delicious breakfast buffet. What better way to start a day exploring than with a plate of bacon drizzled with syrup. Mmm Mmm

teeko says:
4/25/2013 8:17:44 AM

I drive past here twice a day and always see an suv parked by the road near the trailer. I think it gets checked on multiple times a day. I used to have breakfast here and buy diesel. They had to replace the underground tanks to the tune of half a million bucks or something rediculous like that as they had expired. They shut down and removed the diesel tanks but continued to run the gas pumps

Scolirk says:
3/4/2013 2:45:59 PM

Drove by last Wednesday and all buy one of the motel doors had been opened. Drove by again Friday and they were all shut.

SuperSonic says:
3/3/2013 4:29:12 PM

stopped by this place today. say one or two POE

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