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Stoney Creek Dairy

Ontario : Hamilton
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Location Owner:senorchang
Creation Date: 2/16/2013
Last Updated: 2/24/2013

Everybody's favourite ice cream bar, originally opened back in 1929 on this location. Founder George Dawson worked out of the back of a garage here where he would bottle milk from nearby farms for the community. As time went on the small business went from milk to ice cream, where it grew in popularity drastically, becoming a household name for many a family in the GTA. In 1979 they shifted from an all around dairy to focusing specifically on it's high quality ice cream. Come 2010 however they were bought out by Produits Plaisirs Glac?s inc, and two years later the property was sold to create a senior's home, with their last day of business being on September 4th 2012. Since then they have begun to convert this iconic building for it's new purpose. The area is fairly active with worker's but they seem understanding should you like to take a few pictures or do a final walk around of the store which brings back the fondest of memories in many Canadians.

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Status: Demolished | Category: Commercial

Feb. 2013
Stoney Creek Dairy
Created on:2/17/2013
Created by: senorchang
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Address: 135 King Street East, Hamilton, ON L8G 1L3, Canada
Province: Ontario

91s13 says:
7/8/2013 1:26:19 PM

It is a shame they torn it down for a retirement home. Best ice cream in town!

91s13 says:
7/8/2013 1:25:33 PM

Punchbowl, I was a part of the demolition here. Lanmar Environmental now has the Stoney Creek Dairy neon sign.

punchbowl says:
4/9/2013 2:30:11 PM

Great pics!!! I wonder where the old Stoney Creek Dairy Neon sign went???????

RoamingTigress says:
3/29/2013 9:23:50 PM

Loved this place so much. So many fond memories. I know they'll be reopening in Hutch's but won't be the same.

SuperSonic says:
3/10/2013 8:19:59 PM

was past it today. Since it's completely cleared, there's no need to be FM.

oldmann66 says:
2/25/2013 11:27:31 AM

it's more than closed now its a pile of rubble only thing left is the sign, drove by yesterday and that is all thats left is the sign and memories.

ground state says:
2/17/2013 10:02:13 PM

IMG_0466.JPG says it all... what a sad loss!

SuperSonic says:
2/17/2013 10:34:27 AM

This closed? CRAP!...This was my favourite hang out when I was a kid. I remember the fire in about 1977.

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