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St. George's & Old St. Cath.'s

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City: St. Catharines
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Created By:mobileworks
Creation Date: 11/6/2017
Last Updated: 11/6/2017
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A shell of a very old pioneer cemetery remain here. Most graves have been transferred to Victoria Lawn Cemetery. Hundreds of graves but not all, have been moved from " The Old St. Catharine's Cemetery"[ at McGuire and St.Paul West streets] to here then moved again to Victoria Lawn Cemetery. Some headstones still here are affixed to the church itself, in a locked and gated courtyard or in graves scattered around the church. Oddly enough Google Streetview* and the red balloon show what was locked for me. I see now an even smaller fenced off series of plots not seen from the gates. This is the oldest church in St Catharine's opening in 1792 and still active. The cemetery here closed around 1856. I don't understand the logic of putting "youngest daughter" for a 13 yr. old and not her name. Her name would probably be shorter. I see also "wife of...... ?" but not her name or I see "infant son" instead of a name. One piece of a headstone just had the persons year. About 70 graves still remain here at the church but I did not find any headstones at the old cemetery even though they are supposed to be there. William Merritt sold the land St. George's Church sits on, to them. Headstones at an angle or far away were behind the locked area.

Old St. Catharines Cemetery
St. George's & Old St. Cath.'s
Created on:11/6/2017
Created by: mobileworks
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After An Illness Of A Few Days
St. George's & Old St. Cath.'s
Created on:11/6/2017
Created by: mobileworks
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Address: 83 Church Street, St. Catharines, ON, Canada

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