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Ontario : Amaranth
Location #13713

Location Owner:Amadio
Creation Date: 7/12/2016
Last Updated: 2/10/2019

Abandoned set of the show Splatalot. CAUTION: Set is still filled with water, be careful about falling in.

If you climb to the highest points on the set you can see an occupied house (and they can see you) and the owner has been said to call the cops if he sees anyone on the property.

urbanunderground: Very neat filming set. Easy to get into but it is very obvious what you are up to because there aren't many good places to park the car without it being suspicious. Patrolled by police often. There is a barbed wire fence all around the location but there is a gate that isn't barbed and is easy to climb over.

Nov 2017 Update: Amaranth urges MarbleMedia, creators of Splatalot, to run 24/7 security of property.

Abandoned houses may be dangerous! Read the LEGAL DISCLAIMER.
Always obtain permission before entering someone else's property. To request this location be removed, Click Here.
Status: Demolished | Category: Commercial

SPLAT - 2017
Created on:2/10/2019
Created by: bweber5
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Marble North
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September 17th
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Splat! 2017
Created on:7/20/2017
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June 18th
Created on:6/20/2017
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Created on:6/19/2017
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Created on:5/18/2017
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Construction Photos
Created on:5/1/2017
Created by: Digitisation
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Created on:3/16/2017
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Created on:3/8/2017
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Winter Playground
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Splish Splash x2 '16
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Deeper than expected
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No More Game Show
Created on:11/29/2016
Created by: Roversyndrome
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Splatalot 2016
Created on:10/11/2016
Created by: LivingGhost
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Created on:7/31/2016
Created by: smurf
32 photos
Created on:7/12/2016
Created by: Amadio
19 photos

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Address: 395310-395618 5 Line, Shelburne, ON L0N 1S0, Canada
Province: Ontario

Camroo says:
4/26/2019 7:34:31 PM

I didnt go over the fenxe here but saw it a while ago. RIP splatalot a huge part of my childhood

kaitrinsullivan says:
11/25/2017 3:59:47 PM

Update from a Facebook user today: https://www.orangeville.com/news-story/7960101-township-wants-24-7-security-at-ytv-s-splatalot-game-show-castle/

OAP says:
7/30/2016 9:56:50 PM

Security was parked behind the gate today.

fiso says:
7/19/2016 11:43:34 AM

Really???...it looked like you were wearing an inner tube....:-D

OAP says:
7/18/2016 2:09:21 AM

Almost f*cking drowned here.... be careful!

cherotica says:
7/16/2016 10:56:23 AM

Wow! Absolutely incredible!

timo explorer says:
7/15/2016 9:27:13 PM

This is amazing. Added to my list of "must-see" locations.

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