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Small Odessa Building

Located in: Loyalist Township
Location #9552

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Location Owner:ora
Creation Date: 9/10/2013
Last Updated: 9/10/2013

In between this both a gas station and the OPP building there lies a small little compound. On the front door you'll notice a plethora of credit card stickers, as well as little table on one of the windows. Given its proximity to other commercial ventures for those traveling the 401, it's likely that this served as a dealer of confectionery for the weary traveler once upon a time.

It looks like the walls have all been stripped away, leaving only the vapor barrier and insulation behind. Inside are various gardening tools and a picnic table, as well as several bags of cement, and a curiously placed boot. There is a back room where there is a whole bunch of cut wood as well as a wood lathe for making chair legs. The main way in is the garage door that is quite intact, yet suspiciously propped up.

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Status: Abandoned
Category: Commercial


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September 10th 2013
Small Odessa Building
Created on:9/10/2013
Created by: ora
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