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There's little trace of the fact these days, but for some years Burlington had one of the busiest ski clubs in Southern Ontario. Started in 1935, the Cedar Springs Ski Club had the second largest membership in the 24-member Southern Ontario Ski Zone with more than 2,000 members. Located in the Cedar Springs community, the club had challenging ski hills as well as an 85-foot ski jump on the site. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,With a steadily growing membership and the quest for ski terrain that was more challenging, the Ski Club's directors arranged to purchase a partly wooded property with some good hills in the Hockley Valley, near Orangeville. This was in 1948 and work started immediately to develop a ski area. An entrance road was built, a chalet (warming hut) was built, trees were cut and some grading formed ski runs.
Cedar Springs Ski Club no longer operated a ski hill in Burlington. They sold the two rope tows to Glen Eden ski hill in Milton, who continued to use them until a few years ago when they started upgrading facilities at the resort. They continued the Orangeville operation until I believe 2005-2006 when economic issues forced that portion of the club to disband

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Province: Ontario

Adriana says:
4/23/2012 9:34:25 AM

Hey now mobile! We don't dress like that anymore here!! ;) hahaha

mobileworks says:
4/23/2012 9:10:13 AM

They sure dress funny in burlington.

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