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Servos & Lincoln Cty I. Cem.'s

Located in: St. Catharines
Location #15071

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Location Owner:mobileworks
Creation Date: 11/21/2017
Last Updated: 11/21/2017


Sitting close to shore at the edge of St Catharines, one can only imagine what this property looked like 200 years ago. William only acquired this 67 acres 4 years before he died in 1862. He paid $4000 for the 67 acres in 1858. He left the entire estate to his brothers daughter Mary Servos. William is surrounded by a Victorian era iron fence restored in 2005. .....................................I have added another very sad gallery of a pioneer cemetery with no headstones. This cemetery has been posted on another site in the wrong place but recently found it behind a Ford dealership with only broken fencing. It is located beside the Body Shop of Learn Ford , 375 Ontario Street in St. Catharines. This cemetery was the location of the Lincoln County Industrial Home where about 80 residents with very little money were buried here between 1887 and 1910. All who were buried here had no family or friends to claim their bodies.The graves were only marked with numbered stakes that have long since vanished or in the ground. The Regional Municipal of Niagara have looked after it since 1970, but need to fix the fence and make a plaque with names. I will post when I find their names again. There are so much incorrect info for this place but mine is correct. It took awhile but I am happy I have found their names. R.I.P.....................This Home closed when the Linhaven Home for Seniors opened up down Ontario street. Lincoln County Industrial Home residence buried @ 43.174368, -79.267173 GPS exactly ; Bartlett, James, 18 Nov 1893
Berger, Henry, 9 Mar 1899
Booker, George E, 21 Aug 1887
Boughner, Cyrus, 27 Nov 1893
Bowman, James, 30 Jun 1892
Bowman, Peter, 6 Apr 1890
Brewer, Mary, 12 Dec 1896
Brock, Edward, 10 Aug 1887
Brooks, William, 28 Aug 1905
Brown, John, 20 Jan 1905
Campbell, Erastus, 10 Jun 1901
Carey, Edward, 25 May 1892
Chantler, Betsy, 24 Jan 1908
Clark, John, 18 Jul 1906
Cowell, Mary F., 21 Sep 1889
Culp, Isaac, 26 Apr 1901
Diamond, William, 9 Nov 1898
Dixon, Edgar, 5 May 1896
Dodohue, Mrs., 12 Mar 1902
Duffy, Christina, 23 Oct 1888
Durham, Phoebe, 12 Apr 1902
Enkel, Cosmos, 14 Jan 1897
Finch, Alice, 16 Jan 1903
Gilbert, Hannah, 14 Feb 1907
Gillis, George, 31 Oct 1907
Griffin, Roy, 11 Sep 1890
Groome, Mary, 3 Mar 1893
Hamilton, Elizabeth, 24 Jun 1893
Hennessy, James, 2 Jul 1888
Henry, Robert, 18 Apr 1895
Horten, Joseph, 10 Apr 1895
Hoskins, Chester, 30 Jun 1890
Howell, Elizabeth, 9 Aug 1892
Howse, Isabella, 5 Jun 1892
Hume, Peter, 8 Sep 1894
Humphries, Edward, 29 May 1889
Hutt, Mary, 2 Jan 1907
Innis, Euphemia, 25 Mar 1907
Knowler, John, 20 Dec 1899
Lawson, John, 19 Nov 1900
Lee, Charles, 11 May 1898
Lewis, Alfred, 31 Jul 1910
Mason, Celia, 27 Oct 1889
Mawbey, John, 26 Aug 1887
McBride, John, 21 Apr 1900
McKinzie, Agnes, 8 May 1889
Mellon, Margaret, 11 Feb 1887
Miller, John P., 27 Mar 1909
Mills, John, 17 Jun 1900
Mitchell, Abram, 10 Nov 1905
Moore, Rose, 8 Feb 1909
Moran, Patrick, 20 Oct 1891
Page, Charles, 31 Oct 1894
Parker, Jane, 12 Apr 1891
Pearse, Joseph, 28 Sep 1889
Pott, Emma, 6 Feb 1906
Pulver, Barbara, 9 Nov 1908
Ransbury, John, 23 Sep 1896
Rozenwig, Theobald, 17 Apr 1900
Ryall, Jacob, 8 Sep 1891
Secord, Polly, 22 Nov 1888
Servos, Mary, 11 Mar 1891
Shadwick, Rachel, 17 Apr 1901
Small, John, 11 Dec 1889
Smith, Conrad, 6 Jan 1894
Smith, James, 2 Aug 1899'
Sosler, Theodore, 17 Sep 1901
Stockford, Jane, 19 Jul 1899
Terryberry, Samuel, 15 Jul 1901
Terryberry, Stephen, 18 Oct 1896
Thompson, Lucy, 22 Nov 1889
Tipp, Charles, 16 Jan 1890
Tobin, Martin, 13 Feb 1902
Vaughn, Hannah, 24 Jun 1895
Vaughn, Jacob, 26 Sep 1897
Vondushure, Henry, 16 Mar 1897
Waite, William, 3 Feb 1908
Wilson, Henry, 3 Mar 1896
Yeo, Hannah, 29 Sep 1901

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Status: Abandoned
Category: Cemetery

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Lincoln Cty I. Home Cemetery
Servos & Lincoln Cty I. Cem.'s
Created on:11/21/2017
Created by: mobileworks
5 photos
William Servos's Land
Servos & Lincoln Cty I. Cem.'s
Created on:11/21/2017
Created by: mobileworks
7 photos

blaekly says:
12/6/2017 11:22:40 PM

Wicked history here and good find on that grave. I find the industrial homes and their graveyards to be interesting in how much they still seem to be ignored as part of our history. Frankly I can't believe you got names!

There's one near my house that's marked with a simple monument "nearby" the original cemetery. I don't think any names were ever transcribed, if there was ever even grave markers to begin with.

mobileworks says:
11/25/2017 8:04:37 PM

Thanks Timo, and I will follow up with R.M. of Niagara and Ford to see what we can do here. My family alone paid $8000 for a Cairn in Mb. so it shouldn't be a problem.

timo explorer says:
11/21/2017 9:11:05 PM

Excellent work on searching out the names of those buried here, too bad it has been left in such poor condition. The industrial home were a sad story in Ontario's history.

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