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Ontario : Bradford
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Creation Date: 4/9/2016
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I was told by a Bradford resident that this is an inactive high school. I could not find any information on the history of the building, but the exterior is absolutely beautiful.

Dec 15, 2015 |

SCDSB sells former Bradford District High School building to town

Bradford West Gwillimbury Topic
By Brea Bartholet

Admirers of the old Bradford District High School, located at 28 Queen St., can rest a little easier following an announcement on Dec. 14 regarding the building's fate.

In order to maintain the heritage building, which was designated in 2013, Bradford West Gwillimbury recently decided to invest in preserving the past by purchasing the old high school from the Simcoe County District School Board for $501,000 – which has stood vacant for a number of years.

The two-story Greek classical revival building is certainly a unique feature in Simcoe County, as its façade is almost unchanged from when it first opened its doors in 1923.

The property itself is made up of approximately 8,500 ft2 of floor space, as well as a vast amount of lawn surrounding the building.
Talks of what the space could be used for have varied over the years and have included ideas such as a senior's space, condos or town offices. A petition is also now circulating from a local arts group, asking for support from residents to turn the building into a dedicated art and culture space.

Mayor Rob Keffer, who supported the historical designation of the building when he served as deputy mayor, says the purchase was made to ensure the local piece of history is well preserved and utilized.

“Properties like this are rare in our community and we want to take best possible advantage of the space. Council has several exciting ideas for the property but prior to making any decisions, we will consult with the community.”

The town expects to take possession of the property by the end of January next year.

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Address: 37 Queen St, Bradford, ON, Canada
Province: Ontario

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