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Sad Home

Ontario : Brampton
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Created By:mw1978
Creation Date: 4/11/2014
Last Updated: 8/19/2014
Located in Brampton sits a little house that has been abandoned for at least three years. The house is locked up tight and there was a beeping noise coming from inside. It sounded like the batteries in the smoke detector were low! From what I could see through the window, there was not much inside. Whoever owns this property has gone to great lengths to keep people out (including using a shovel to prop the door closed from the inside!) It looks as though the basement was flooded at some point as I could see puddles of water on the basement floor. Around back there is a barn that contained little inside and an old garage where someone appeared to have fixed cars. One unusual feature is a well at the front of the house! This house is located on a BUSY street and there is a good chance you WILL be noticed! I had two people come up to me in five minutes asking what I was doing. Once I told them my story about being interested and photographing abandoned houses, they went on their way. One of the passers-by told me the house had been empty for three years and that a strip mall was to be built on the property - however this never came to pass.

Update: 05JU15:
There is a new ZuM Transit bus stop being constructed just in front of the home. The house is boarded up and I doubt very much it will be standing for too much longer.

Sad to say that this place has been demolished.

Aug '14
Sad Home
Created on:8/19/2014
Created by: Motleykiwi
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Soon to be gone?
Sad Home
Created on:4/11/2014
Created by: mw1978
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Address: 209 Steeles Avenue West, Brampton, ON L6Y 0B5, Canada


mw1978 12/9/2016 7:30:47 AM

Another one bites the dust. Nothing left now but an empty lot.

Motleykiwi 8/19/2014 5:23:46 PM

New boards on the house and garage now.

TheSaugaExplorer 4/13/2014 2:24:27 PM

This looks like it might be worth checking out sometime...nice find!

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