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Rust In Peace

Located in: Lambton County
Location #5053

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Location Owner:Dave Summer
Creation Date: 7/12/2012
Last Updated: 6/24/2018


A junk yard with some fairly old vehicles.

May 2016 - House demolished

Abandoned houses may be dangerous! Read the LEGAL DISCLAIMER.
Always obtain permission before entering someone else's property.

Status: Demolished
Category: Other

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Rust In Peace
Created on:6/24/2018
Created by: Talker
8 photos
2017 explore
Rust In Peace
Created on:2/20/2018
Created by: Hvyds
3 photos
Car Graveyard
Rust In Peace
Created on:6/7/2017
Created by: haleatory
4 photos
Went for the Ford
Rust In Peace
Created on:6/2/2017
Created by: Digitisation
3 photos
Rust In Peace
Created on:4/19/2017
Created by: LivingGhost
1 photos
Junkers '16
Rust In Peace
Created on:2/2/2017
Created by: Motleykiwi
13 photos
May 23, 2016
Rust In Peace
Created on:5/24/2016
Created by: OAP
2 photos
October 29, 2014 (Interior)
Rust In Peace
Created on:11/4/2014
Created by: OAP
6 photos
October 29, 2014 (Exterior)
Rust In Peace
Created on:11/4/2014
Created by: OAP
23 photos
April '14
Rust In Peace
Created on:6/5/2014
Created by: Dave Summer
22 photos
Rust In Peace
Created on:3/31/2014
Created by: Veeedub226
25 photos
The Prize
Rust In Peace
Created on:3/31/2014
Created by: Finz519
2 photos
Rust In Peace
Created on:1/1/2014
Created by: Finz519
5 photos
June 2012
Rust In Peace
Created on:7/12/2012
Created by: Dave Summer
13 photos

OAP says:
5/23/2016 5:06:27 PM

The house has now been demolished. The vehicles remain.

Veeedub226 says:
3/31/2014 7:10:37 PM

This is by far the best location i've been to, I love old cars, and the house was really cool next door.

crazycarclub says:
3/23/2013 6:33:32 PM

Was super muddy today but i will definatly be returning for more. Awesome location, was way more here then i expected for sure.

steaksauce says:
10/9/2012 1:05:50 AM

Went today and got some great photos. When walking around be cautious. It is tenus city in there.

missdollanganger says:
7/14/2012 12:45:46 AM

love the megadeth reference in the name! also wow that is amazing! i wonder how long that truck has been there.

punchbowl says:
7/13/2012 3:15:21 PM

Great pictures!! what a shame about the old cars!! - I like the picture of the truck advertising a basket company!!!!!!!

doom vs says:
7/13/2012 10:49:29 AM

That car's got wood! I've seen this at several other places too.

don says:
7/13/2012 10:03:58 AM

Tragic waste of good machinery :(

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