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Runway Rundown

Located in: Mississauga
Location #6681

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Location Owner:bigpaulsmall
Creation Date: 4/13/2013
Last Updated: 12/22/2014

Right next to Toronto International Airport sits this recently abandoned place. It's almost under the flight path for planes landing at the airport nearby. It's the only house on this stretch of Dixie Rd. right next to an industrial plaza. I remember seeing this place last year with an old guy and a big vegetable garden. It's like a hobby farm. There are a number of out buildings in the back, sheds, chicken coops and the like. An inground pool sits right outside the house. It has only recently been abandoned as there was a battery operated clock still ticking in the kitchen. The house is mostly empty except for a few house plants in very sad shape. Pretty safe explore as it is off the road and surrounded by trees.


Update: 1 June 2013 by superss

My visit was a little over a month ago, I would have posted sooner, but I was doing some research on the property & just kept getting delayed before I could get caught up. It appears this is now owned by the GTAA. When I visited there was some neatly stacked mail addressed to the GTAA. A few days prior to my visit I drove by & there was a white truck in the driveway, it may have been a GTAA truck??

The GTAA will be building another runway between the existing runway north of the property & this house. Although that should not affect this house directly, they will also be doing some rerouting of the creeks which will probably mean the demolition of the shacks by the creek & most likely the house while they are at it.

I have created another location, The Hornby-Scarlett House, #7982 that gives a little bit of the history of the early owners of this property. My guess is that this portion of the property was probably sold in the late 60's or early 70's with the house being built around that time frame.

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R.I.P. 12/22/14
Runway Rundown
Created on:12/22/2014
Created by: bigpaulsmall
3 photos
May 2014
Runway Rundown
Created on:5/21/2014
Created by: Motleykiwi
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When Birds Attack
Runway Rundown
Created on:9/28/2013
Created by: Miche
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Kelley's Chicken
Runway Rundown
Created on:9/14/2013
Created by: charlemagne
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Runways Getting Closer
Runway Rundown
Created on:6/1/2013
Created by: superss
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Dixieland Jazzed
Runway Rundown
Created on:4/13/2013
Created by: bigpaulsmall
37 photos


Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm


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superss says:
12/22/2014 8:30:21 PM

Ahhh poop. About 3 weeks ago, while driving by, I stopped in for a re-visit, it was locked up. I didn't have the time to walk around the rest of the property but was hoping to make it out there again.

Miche says:
9/28/2013 9:37:50 PM

Holy BIRDS! Be careful, birds throw sh*t at you! Great security, lol!

No Access says:
4/16/2013 12:18:33 PM

Nice find!

D Explore says:
4/14/2013 8:36:17 PM

Interesting place!

f.o.s. says:
4/14/2013 12:04:50 PM

Great place bps! Looks like this guy was really into tinkering. Quite a few mysterious items.

UnLeashed_Photography says:
4/14/2013 12:01:05 PM

Awesome find!

ground state says:
4/14/2013 6:37:24 AM

Phenomenal. I wonder if the owners are in the photo shaking hands with the pope. To still have John Paul II hanging on the fridge two papacies later, it must be them or their relatives.

superss says:
4/14/2013 12:08:04 AM

Neat place BPS, I drive by there fairly frequently & never noticed it.

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