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Rum-Running Tunnel

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Created By:princessninja
Creation Date: 4/7/2019
Last Updated: 4/26/2019
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Hidden behind the washrooms to the MacDonald Marine, there is a concrete wall with a hole in it. Once you enter said hole, you are put into a room with dumped tires, water and other trash. It may not look like much, but this place was used as part of the rum smuggling during the prohibition. The small room is the only accessible place as the rest of it has been concreted shut. Only real danger is other people seeing you, or you getting caught in the hole, which is quite small. Other than that, not much here, just a little forgotten piece of North American history.

April 2019
Rum-Running Tunnel
Created on:4/26/2019
Created by: Camroo
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Bring me the booze!
Rum-Running Tunnel
Created on:4/7/2019
Created by: princessninja
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Camroo 4/7/2019 9:27:06 PM

I'm surprised no one put this location up already as it's pretty popular... Have to visit this one.

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