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Regent Park/Duke of York School

Ontario : Toronto
Location #13410

Location Owner:Fleet
Creation Date: 4/21/2016
Last Updated: 4/21/2016

The cornerstone on the building was laid in 1958 as Regent Park Public School. The school served children in Regent Park from Kindergarten to Grade 6. After Duke of York Public school closed, students merged into Regent Park. With the completion of Nelson Mandela Park Public School renovations in 2013 and as part of the Regent Park revitalization, this school was slated to be demolished and students would attend Nelson Mandela Park Public School.

I visited the location in August 2015 while they were beginning to demolish the building and the playground. My visit was rather hasty, and I ended up forgetting my camera in the process, so the only photos I have were from my cell phone.

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Status: Demolished | Category: Educational


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Address: 20 Regent Street, Toronto, ON, Canada
Province: Ontario

Fleet says:
5/2/2016 1:38:46 AM

Yeah, I guess I could edit those hazards out since there wouldn't be any now that the building is demolished. However when I did visit the site, there were warnings for asbestos inside the building (Not that I could get in), and there was a lot of broken glass surrounding the building.

fiso says:
4/22/2016 10:29:16 AM

Is it demolished? If so, I don't imagine air quality and the like are too hazard-ey anymore. :-)

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