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Queenston: Quarry Residences

Located in: Niagara Falls
Location #6332

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Location Owner:ground state
Creation Date: 2/24/2013
Last Updated: 2/14/2016

The Queenston Quarry was first opened during the construction of the Grand Trunk Railway to supply stone for new locks of the Welland canal (including the explorer favorite "Blue Ghost Tunnel"), and then from 1878-1881 by Hunter, Murray and Cleveland. After that the quarries were operated by P.A. Johnston (who was employing 75 men in 1890), and the land was owned by William M. Hendershot.

A small settlement of houses and a general store were built here as permanent quarters for the workers. The remains of at least three of these buildings can still be found here today. There are other foundation remains further north along the escarpment for those who wish to explore deeper into the bush.

The closest suggested parking to access this area is either at the dead-end of Melrose Drive to the west at N 43 9.237 W 79 5.727, or a pull-off at the bottom of the escarpment at N 43 9.530 W 79 5.027 (though quite a climb).

There are several other points of historic interest within hiking distance in this area. Please see these other OAP locations:

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Status: Abandoned
Category: Mine


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Joseph Balls Home
Queenston: Quarry Residences
Created on:2/14/2016
Created by: princessninja
3 photos
Quarry Residences
Queenston: Quarry Residences
Created on:2/24/2013
Created by: ground state
18 photos

unoccupied says:
3/17/2013 9:40:33 PM

I somehow missed these areas when I was looking around after finding out about the place. I'm planning on making a return trip when the weather gets warmer and I'll make sure to visit these areas.

f.o.s. says:
2/24/2013 5:39:42 PM

Nice writeup and history here, thanks for putting the extra effort in these locations!

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