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Quaker Cemetery

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City: Athens
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Status: Abandoned
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Created By:rcouper
Creation Date: 3/22/2010
Last Updated: 3/22/2010
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Quaker Cemetery ~ 1800-1879 ~
Later gravestones (1870+) are engraved - but most are just 'Rock Markers'.

Quaker Cemetery
Created on:6/30/2010
Created by: rcouper
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mobileworks 9/4/2019 4:16:46 PM

A really good find.

jonathanfaurschousympaticoca 9/2/2019 5:17:34 PM

Hard to read but seems to be Eliza Derbyshire. aged 40. 1863.

jonathanfaurschousympaticoca 9/2/2019 5:15:42 PM

Hard to read but seems to be Eliza Derbyshire. aged 40. 1826

kevinselena4ever 12/1/2010 8:56:23 PM

My father and I used to cut the grass here about 2 or 3 years ago, cut the ditch and everything. in the back left side by the ditch there is a cement pad that is there with 4 golders were were gonna make a sign for there but then moved and couldnt continue, we would like to cut it again tho.

clay70 3/22/2010 6:35:31 PM

Holy smokes..what is the oldest gravestone in there Richard? This could be older than the Burk Pioneer Cemetery in Clarington.

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