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Punjabi Farm

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Status: Demolished
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Created By:bigpaulsmall
Creation Date: 3/18/2012
Last Updated: 4/15/2012
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Another farm along Heritage Rd. The whole area has been taken over by developers. Sign says 'Notice draft plan amendment to permit single detached dwellings ,a park.....' There is activity on the farm and a neighboring house very close by. Still got some shots but be careful. One house, several glass greenhouses and a barn\shed. Everything smells of spice, even the dirt I brought home on my shoes has the smell of curry.

**************** UPDATE ****************

The wrecking crew has arrived. See the before and after pictures.
All the greenhouses and outbuildings are gone, can the house be far behind?

****************(RE) UPDATE ****************

The house is gone the pile of bricks is gone, all that's left is a hole in the ground where the basement used to be, and the big old tree out front. Can it be far behind.

Another one bites the dust.
RIP April 19 - 2012

Before and After
Punjabi Farm
Created on:4/15/2012
Created by: bigpaulsmall
3 photos
Curry and Spice
Punjabi Farm
Created on:3/18/2012
Created by: bigpaulsmall
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Address: Heritage Rd South of Embleton Rd.

Mydea 3/26/2012 1:02:37 AM

Great photos! It's amazing what gets left behind when people up and leave.. great location!

mobileworks 3/19/2012 1:45:58 PM

wow a 1500 lb boiler, lol, what a work of art!

Superbtch71 3/19/2012 12:34:22 PM

WOW!! great shots!

Adriana 3/18/2012 3:07:56 PM

Awesome find BPS!!!!!! That's hilarious everything smelt of curry and spice.

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