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Prudhommes Landing Inn

Located in: Lincoln
Location #4790

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Location Owner:ann_faith
Creation Date: 5/20/2012
Last Updated: 5/30/2017

This is the motel/bar and resteaurant located directly in front of the Abandoned Wet n Wild waterpark in vineland country (Can Be found on this sites registry in "Lincoln". I have no idea how long it has been abandoned but it has clearly not been abandoned for that long, as it has seeen next to NO vandelism and no windows are broken. Trip Advisor websites show poor rateings for this hotel last updated in Augest 2011. Also, all matresses,tv's (even with the remote controls still sitting on top of them) are still there. If the motel's grass was cut, I would have possibly thought it was still open, but as you get closer it, its clearly not. Even the payphones are still in service. Really neat place to check out.The motel is huge must have over 100 rooms,a bar/resteaurant, and pool. *** update, land was sold and is going and be demo'd for new developements- Get there and check is out before its All gone**

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Prudhommes Inn
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:6/1/2017
Created by: kaitrinsullivan
15 photos
Prudhommes Landing
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:5/30/2017
Created by: RocheJohn
10 photos
Re-Vist Before the Demolition
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:1/25/2017
Created by: Roversyndrome
19 photos
Fall 2016
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:12/19/2016
Created by: Szabo
6 photos
June 28, 2016
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:7/9/2016
Created by: jcoll1995
20 photos
No Way Inn
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:4/17/2016
Created by: LivingGhost
6 photos
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:4/17/2016
Created by: ChickenNuggets
7 photos
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:1/28/2016
Created by: Claire
12 photos
Oct. 2015
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:1/27/2016
Created by: Talker
11 photos
Winter 2015
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:12/30/2015
Created by: burchhh
15 photos
Bad Air Inn '15
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:10/29/2015
Created by: Motleykiwi
27 photos
October 25, 2015
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:10/28/2015
Created by: OAP
9 photos
Abandoned Water Park/Motel
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:6/7/2015
Created by: ZackHussey
18 photos
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:12/22/2014
Created by: kevy325
19 photos
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:9/29/2014
Created by: Talker
5 photos
CAA Approved
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:3/2/2014
Created by: PNKRanger
22 photos
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:10/26/2013
Created by: DIIV
8 photos
Secret Ops
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:6/9/2013
Created by: drunkenmunky420
30 photos
Exteriors @ Dusk
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:6/7/2013
Created by: f.o.s.
7 photos
House Keeping
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:6/4/2013
Created by: Finz519
12 photos
prudhommes May/19 /2012
Prudhommes Landing Inn
Created on:5/21/2012
Created by: ann_faith
16 photos


Status: Demolished
Category: Motel/Hotel



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Talker says:
9/29/2014 11:09:17 PM

Place is trashed. No access to any of the rooms.

ann_faith says:
1/1/2014 11:40:49 PM

my how this place has gone to **** saving it now. surprized they havnt demod it yet

Motleykiwi says:
11/12/2013 1:59:13 PM

Yah I heard about that the day after my visit. Bad timing.

ground state says:
11/11/2013 9:09:52 PM

That's due to an incident last week where a local explorer fell inside and broke his leg in a few places. There was a fiery incident with the owner as well.

Motleykiwi says:
11/11/2013 10:19:51 AM

Was just here on Nov 9th and it's secured now with fresh boards, no entry.

ann_faith says:
7/25/2013 10:59:10 PM

Someone needs to save this place before its too gone......did anyone get inside the restearant part yet?

f.o.s. says:
6/9/2013 11:10:25 AM

Thx dm420 :)

drunkenmunky420 says:
6/9/2013 1:15:09 AM

haha yea I see the gallery now. Nice photo's, I like the panoramics.

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