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Priceville Pioneer Cemetery

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City: Grey County
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Created By:mobileworks
Creation Date: 5/23/2013
Last Updated: 9/15/2014
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This pioneer cemetery is around 1850 and most of these early pioneers were scottish. One fellow, William McMillan, [his headstone read] died in Big Rapids , Michigan in July, 1870 a month after they got the [GR&I rairoad ] train on the outskirts of town. Its nice when a lot of information is on the headstone to look up. Another headstone was a log[of stone] on end or a very long tree stump plus a ball shape and a few new designs I haven't seen before. The script was good as well. This storm was dogging me all day but made for some interesting shots.

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Address: approx. 190 Queen street

clay70 9/8/2014 6:44:50 PM

This pioneer cemetery was cared for, but the original inhabitants of Priceville (1790s-1850s) were freed black slaves who pushed out by the Irish. They too had a pioneer cemetery that was desecrated by the whites over the century. One headstone was used as a home plate for kid's baseball games...very sad...luckily the modern residents restored what they could find...very sad story...

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