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Point Anne: Team Canada 1972

Located in: Belleville
Location #940

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Location Owner:clay70
Creation Date: 11/4/2009
Last Updated: 9/8/2013

Photos of ghost town Pointe Anne and Dennis Hull (born in Pointe Anne in 1944). Dennis was famous for being a member of Team Canada 1972 in the Summit Series. He also played for the Chicago Black Hawks along with his more famous older brother, legend, Bobby Hull.

Bobby was asked to play in the Summit Series for Team Canada in 1972 versus the Russians. But because he had joined the WHA the NHL owners banned him from the team. In protest, Dennis was not going to play; however, Bobby talked him in to it, as he knew it would be something extremley special- a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Dennis did play for Canada. He didn't get to play much in the 1st 4 games in Canada, but made the squad in the final 4 games in Moscow. He was put on a line with Jean Ratelle and Rod Gilbert. Vic Hadfield, who was on the same line with Ratelle and Gilbert on the NY Rangers had left Moscow to go home, as he was upset at not getting any ice time.

Dennis played well and scored a key goal in game 6, which ended in a 3-2 score. The rest is history thanks to Paul Henderson, Phil Esposito and company coming back from almost impossible odds to win the series in the final 34 seconds of the last game.

After the series win Dennis asked Yvan Cournoyer how he compared the win to hoisting the Stanley Cup. Yvan's responce, "This is better than winning 10 Stanley Cups Dennis!" Yes, Canada's most defining moment.

Today, Dennis is a noted event speaker and humourist.

Perhaps the funniest story he shares with the world was the time he and Russian, Alexander Yakushev were driving in a car during a reunion event near Ottawa. (The two are now friends- despite the spitting incident in game 6 of the Summit Series). They drove over to the Quebec side of the border and passed through the City of Hull. Yakushev asked the driver to pull over when he saw the city sign, and he got out. Then he yelled at Dennis, "Son of a bitch!!! They name entire cities after you guys here!!"


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Bobby Hull's Rink
Point Anne: Team Canada 1972
Created on:9/8/2013
Created by: UnLeashed_Photography
8 photos
Point Anne
Point Anne: Team Canada 1972
Created on:9/24/2010
Created by: rcouper
13 photos
For the Hull of it
Point Anne: Team Canada 1972
Created on:6/30/2010
Created by: clay70
6 photos


Status: Unknown
Category: Ghost Town


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EllenDeschene says:
7/5/2019 12:03:01 PM

I’ve been travelling for a m hour trying to find some way to enter any help would be helpful

clay70 says:
9/9/2013 1:06:14 PM

That former rink that the Hull's once skated on is SAN FRANTASTC!!!!!

UnLeashed_Photography says:
9/8/2013 10:21:34 PM

I've added a album with a few photo's of Bobby Hull's Rink, or what's left of it, it's getting hard to tell with nature taking over but being on the rink in person you can tell it def was a skating rink at one point many years ago.

rcouper says:
10/3/2010 3:53:40 AM

Talking with a life long resident ~ there were original an additional 56 homes on this side of Lefarge. Were offered to workers. Any note taken were torn down. Lefarge said it wasn't in the real estate business..
Will check on the Eastern Townsite next time through.

clay70 says:
9/27/2010 12:37:11 PM

Thanks Rick...I love the photos of the foundations in the weeds and trees..

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