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Plain Bungalow

Ontario : Markham
Location #6060

Location Owner:OnlyMe
Creation Date: 12/31/2012
Last Updated: 12/2/2013

This plain little bungalow is easy to get in to, and currently is in pretty good condition. It doesn't look like kids have been partying here yet, but I guess the other trashed homes in the area keep them occupied. The only resident here is a black and white feral cat who comes and goes through a smashed window.

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Status: Demolished | Category: House or Farm

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Province: Ontario

canucks747 says:
9/4/2016 11:11:54 PM

checked it out today sealed up. there is also another one across the street. didnt check it out but it look very interesting. it was a 70s sidesplit

blapphoto says:
8/23/2016 6:25:12 PM

Still there but all boarded up unfortunately. No idea what the plans for it are, there's construction going on just across the street.

canucks747 says:
6/1/2016 9:30:30 PM

is this still there

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