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Oshweken Gas Station

Ontario : Brant County
Location #3176

Location Owner:april131
Creation Date: 9/5/2011
Last Updated: 10/27/2013

A neat little find. The map may not be exact but its in that area and not hard to find.

Pumps do not appear to be that old, with minimal rusting, and building seems to be still strong and stable. The store has been ruined by vandals, but I have seen alot worse.

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Status: Abandoned | Category: Commercial

Oshweken Gas Station
Created on:10/27/2013
Created by: Veeedub226
11 photos
No Gas, No Power
Oshweken Gas Station
Created on:10/21/2013
Created by: Finz519
4 photos
Aug 2013 Visit X 2
Oshweken Gas Station
Created on:10/21/2013
Created by: ground state
15 photos
Aug 2013 Visit
Oshweken Gas Station
Created on:10/20/2013
Created by: f.o.s.
17 photos
March 18, 2012
Oshweken Gas Station
Created on:3/29/2012
Created by: seebest
8 photos
Oshweken Gas Station
Oshweken Gas Station
Created on:9/5/2011
Created by: april131
6 photos

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Address: Located on Onondoga Rd, on the Oshweken Reserve
Province: Ontario

ZoeDiak says:
4/21/2017 9:54:04 PM

This one is gone. Must have been demolished recently. I popped in there this past summer after a pow wow and got some shots. Came by again last month and the old building has vanished. The gas pumps were still standing. Also would like to add this is not located in Ohsweken. It was located on Missisaugas of the New Credit First Nations Reserve.

SuperSonic says:
5/5/2013 10:34:29 AM

crap....how did I miss this entry? I gotta get down there and shot this place.

seebest says:
3/30/2012 9:50:51 PM

Yeah. I saw countless abandoned/half burned down houses and trailers in the area. But the area felt pretty sketchy.

riddimryder says:
3/30/2012 9:44:40 AM

There is a lot of abandoned houses on the reserve however not a place I'd explore.

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