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Oshawa Mini Golf

Located in: Oshawa
Location #2745

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Location Owner:spydrgyrl
Creation Date: 5/22/2011
Last Updated: 11/3/2013

Spent many Sunday afternoons playing mini golf here. Sad to see it go. :(

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Status: Arson
Category: Commercial


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Bye bye mini golf
Oshawa Mini Golf
Created on:11/3/2013
Created by: Filthy_Feed
1 photos
photos I took while walking by
Oshawa Mini Golf
Created on:6/2/2011
Created by: motleyslayer
2 photos
Oshawa Mini Golf
Oshawa Mini Golf
Created on:5/22/2011
Created by: spydrgyrl
3 photos

Mr-Bone says:
9/13/2018 4:47:59 PM

It was time for this place. The people running it in its later years seemed to be nice and the golf course was cute. But the building was ugly and had very strange interiors. As the late Jonny would say "it was an ugly building".

motleyslayer says:
4/2/2013 7:40:33 PM

anyone know what they're doing with the property now?

ann_faith says:
3/15/2013 6:54:33 PM

Why'd it originally close? Looked like it was a fun place at one time :(

clay70 says:
12/17/2012 5:43:44 PM

The burnt remains are all now bulldozed over..I recall delivering the mail here back in 1993..Brings back memories indeed..I now have a melancholy feeling...:(

heyday says:
10/19/2012 8:48:55 PM

Hi there, In the mid to late 80s this driving range was called Caddy Shack. The driving range and mini golf were fine, but the expansion of the restaurant was the financial killer. I have some original pictures of Pleasure Valley and Caddy Shack. I will upload some photos when I have might take a bit. It was a glorious park with dance halls and even a man-made lake. Take Care

motleyslayer says:
9/15/2012 8:30:58 PM

does anyone know if the fire was set by someone or if it just happened without any human interference ?

Golson Moldon says:
9/14/2012 8:12:28 PM

motleyslayer says:
9/14/2012 5:33:29 PM

looks like it burnt down, does anyone have nay information on how/why it burned down?

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