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Oriel East Pioneer Cemetery

Ontario : Woodstock
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Location Owner:mobileworks
Creation Date: 6/7/2016
Last Updated: 6/7/2016

Pioneers Of Oriel District are respected. West Oriel shown below. One hazard though, gun fire is not on the hazards so I'll mention it here. Several, up to 50 shot gun blasts were heard very close in the direction of the original centre of town of Oriel. Gun shots on Gunn's Hill Road. Probably legal out here but stray bullets happen. In a way I was glad for the condensed headstone as I was expecting a guy with a rifle coming down Gunn's Hill. I left the way I came avoiding Oriel. This cemetery is on about a half acre of heavy forested land. A new fence is going in and already has a great cemetery gate.

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43.065569, -80.642080 West
Oriel East Pioneer Cemetery
Created on:8/12/2016
Created by: mobileworks
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Gun Shots On Gunn's Hill
Oriel East Pioneer Cemetery
Created on:6/7/2016
Created by: mobileworks
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Province: Ontario

mobileworks says:
6/8/2016 8:18:08 AM

I believe you are right, trailerguy ! You read the part about gun fire, right, and my truck is 90% glass, lol? I think I went the right way, lol. Funny, Moncrieff, ON had that and more with a school and sawmill, etc. and no cemetery for many miles........or it's under the now pool behind the church?... good eye trail, thanks.

trailblazer519 says:
6/7/2016 8:45:26 PM

Shoulda went west mw, I see another pioneer cemetery on Oriel Line about a half km south of Gunn's Hill Rd.. : )

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