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Open House

Located in: Halton Hills
Location #9784

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Location Owner:bigpaulsmall
Creation Date: 10/14/2013
Last Updated: 10/25/2013

Come to our open house Monday to Friday 12 noon to 12 noon, Saturday and Sunday 12 midnight to 12 midnight.This area is known as the "Steeles Transportation Corridor."Steeles is being widened from Mississauga to Milton. The area between Steeles and the 401 has been rezoned to "Industrial Commercial." Already several houses have been demolished in the area, and there are a few places already on this website. This farmhouse is a recent abandonment, with no vandalism. The power was still on as a ceiling fan was turning. This listing won't last forever so hurry in to our open house. There's more to see here but I burned through both my batteries and had to leave prematurely.

Abandoned houses may be dangerous! Read the LEGAL DISCLAIMER.
Always obtain permission before entering someone else's property.


Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm



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October '13
Open House
Created on:10/25/2013
Created by: DIIV
20 photos
Real Estate
Open House
Created on:10/14/2013
Created by: bigpaulsmall
21 photos

Storytrail says:
8/4/2014 3:45:50 PM

Drove by today. It's true, 100% demolished.

superss says:
8/4/2014 3:41:02 PM

No way, wow, disappointing.

Motleykiwi says:
8/4/2014 3:05:21 AM

I believe this one is demolished now.

Storytrail says:
7/7/2014 6:46:59 PM

This house is gorgeous. The no trespassing sign with the hefty charge has fallen down with all of the construction, but I'm still not willing to risk it.

Motleykiwi says:
5/11/2014 7:30:54 PM

$5000 fine if caught trespassing here, beware.

Lady Morganna says:
10/24/2013 5:48:59 PM

Really nice house, I love the character of the place.

DIIV says:
10/24/2013 9:49:49 AM

Ah! Also forgot to mention the irate woman we ran into. Beware of the lady in the shop right across the street! She's watching the place.

timekeeper says:
10/23/2013 4:42:56 PM

Lights all work too!!

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