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Olden days and New Outlooks

Located in: Barrie
Location #11114

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Location Owner:TameExplot
Creation Date: 9/18/2014
Last Updated: 9/18/2014

The community of Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada has a lot more to explore then most people think. By the mid 1850s the City of Barrie was basically a whole different town that gotten much of its attention from the Railway, and steam boating businesses. These two industrial business establish many coal docks and storages on the shore of the Barrie Heritage Trail. However not much remains of these places besides some vandalism and the foundations of these structures. Steamboats of the Simcoe County area would ship coal from Lake Couchiching to Kempenfelt Bay in order to accommodate the railway sector and its fuel supplies. Not to sure why this isn't in the DB already but its pretty easy to find and explore as its located on the Shore of Lake Simcoe and the Barrie Heritage Trail. Some olden style foundations can also be uncover as you look really closely.

Before any railways became constructed within Simcoe County, the area was much rather like a fur trading city. The war of 1812 also makes Simcoe County one of the most historical places. By 1811 a trail which became identify as the Nine Mile Portage contributed a lot effort toward the safety of humanity. While the United state of America had blocked all access to Lake Erie, the British had to come up with another safer route to dodge USA. So with the creation of the Nine Mile Portage this had eliminated dangerous attacks by the U.S. By February the British Commander Robert Mcdouall had soon other problems as the American's blocked transportation routes into Lake Erie. So with transaction the commander decided to create Glenngary Landing which was used as a safe route for soldiers. That same month Commander Rober Mcdouall started creating a pathway to Fort Willow. He and a bunch of his own men started the long expedition journey to Fort Willow from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The group of brave men were commonly identified to be a part of the Royal Newfoundland Forcibles. These men had to endure obstacles like no other person could have done at the time. Besides just obstacles they also faced a long 250 mile journey to Fort Willow. Nevertheless other issues started to rise as these men had to battle winter weather months which also contributed challenges. One of their biggest challenges every yet was crossing the icy waters of Lake Simcoe towards Kempenfelt Bay. From there the spot Glenngary Landing was establish at the mouth of the Willow Creek. Although when these individuals came to Glenngary Landing, the journey to Fort Willow was far from over. Researchers had estimated the journey to have taken anywhere from 90 to 100 days more to complete. And much of the expedition was also carried out by a captain who was strongly identify as Captain Andrew Bulger. While in Glenngary Landing these individuals needed to create boats in order to cross the waterways of the Nottawasaga River. By April of that same year, Robert Mcdouall and his companions started constructing 29 Batteaux. These massive size boats became one of the many unique ways of carrying supplies down a river. Lets also not forget some of the most hazardous impacts that this river has cause. In the same year the crew and the captains had finally arrived at the Fort while it had taken them almost 1 month to get there. With new supplies Fort Michilimackinac was soon capable of defending it self from any more American invasion attacks.

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Status: Abandoned
Category: Railway


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Old Coal and Storage Docks
Olden days and New Outlooks
Created on:9/19/2014
Created by: TameExplot
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clay70 says:
9/20/2014 9:22:57 AM

Nice history.

clay70 says:
9/20/2014 9:19:03 AM

Simcoe County is a community?

TameExplot says:
9/20/2014 12:28:51 AM

Also great thanks and appreciation goes to Tilalingus for providing the much useful imformation :P At least someone knows whats up in Simcoe County :P

TameExplot says:
9/20/2014 12:25:50 AM

Perfect that explains everything, Thanks Timo :P

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