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Old St.Paul's Cemetery
Located in: Woodstock
Location #15098

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Location Owner: mobileworks
Creation Date: 12/12/2017
Last Updated: 12/13/2017

Also known as "Cemetery of the Parish of Woodstock" and sits beside the first church in Woodstock, Ontario. The cemetery is inactive and has been for a long while. The church was completed in 1834 with the help of [Admiral] Henry Vansittart. He donated about 400 pounds of the 1700 pound total cost of this church. He is also the founder of Woodstock. The cemetery was started shortly afterwards. Vansittart has an impressive family crypt behind the church. In fact there are several tombs here and family plots. There is even one tomb against the church. This cemetery is small but has a big feel to it with such large headstones.

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Status: Abandoned
Category: Cemetery


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Province: Ontario

There Is Rest In Heaven
Old St.Paul's Cemetery
Created on:12/12/2017
Created by: mobileworks
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