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Old Red Near King's Buffet

Located in: Kitchener-Waterloo
Location #2643

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Location Owner:doom vs
Creation Date: 4/26/2011
Last Updated: 10/13/2013


Red-Brick House next to the Kings Buffet Office.

Abandoned houses may be dangerous! Read the LEGAL DISCLAIMER.
Always obtain permission before entering someone else's property.

Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm

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Aug 31 2013
Old Red Near King's Buffet
Created on:9/3/2013
Created by: f.o.s.
32 photos
angry nieghbours
Old Red Near King's Buffet
Created on:3/11/2012
Created by: mobileworks
5 photos
Old Red
Old Red Near King's Buffet
Created on:7/28/2011
Created by: Skye_Ann
10 photos

Skye_Ann says:
5/6/2015 12:49:34 AM

This one is gone now -- replaced by a huge sand lot that's up for sale.. Probably going to add more subdivisions or something.

Skye_Ann says:
6/11/2014 11:34:20 PM

Kings Buffet no longer owns the building next door, it is owned by a real estate company now and they've sealed the building.

riddimryder says:
10/13/2013 3:13:49 PM

Went here today & just as I was about to enter I heard the scurry of a fairly large animal. I immediately noticed a dead coon right by the POE on the inside. Not wanting to accidentally corner the likely other coon I decided it wasn't worth entry. Another time perhaps.

f.o.s. says:
9/4/2013 6:04:26 PM

I visited this place on the long weekend, unbeknownst to me what high heeled monsters may lurk. Lady luck was on my side I guess, spotted it on a drive by and went for it. Amazing to see how much it's crumbled since Phrenzee was there. POE was interesting.

mobileworks says:
3/11/2012 10:35:10 AM

I had some corporate chics doggin me around even after i got approval, so didn't try inside, but still looks good inside. Its funny , the chicks staggering around in high heel shoes would seem more of a liability then me in safety boots. One of them even criticized my clothing as I was leaving. Hope they broke a heel, lol. Main floor pics from broken window in front door.Weekend visits here might

doom vs says:
11/27/2011 9:46:13 PM

I like how the thermometer has Fahrenheit in the outer ring, and small Celsius numbers in the inner ring. That would make it transition era between imperial and metric...metric replaced imperial for temperature reading in April 1975.

davenitro31 says:
7/28/2011 1:54:11 AM

on picture 16 of 18 of phrenzee's album u can see a face by the basement door on the wall. Might be just stains that look like a face but i wanted to point that out lol

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