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Old L'Amable Road

Ontario : Hastings County
Location #1785

Location Owner:jmka
Creation Date: 7/23/2010
Last Updated: 8/13/2011

What you'll see:
"Old L'amable Road" is now dotted with privately owned cottage-style homes, but this short drive does showcase some really beautiful old structures from the mid to late 1800`s. Unfortunately they are all right next to houses so they can't be explored, but they are beautiful to look at. Drive through slowly and take it in! Towards the middle point of this length of road, you can catch a truly gorgeous view of L'amable Lake. There were at least 4 or 5 structures to be seen on this route. See the album for examples.

Between the years of 1858 -1872 L'amable was a very busy spot. Essentially people flocked there and where able to survive as the soil was very rich and healthy. At the time lumbering was popular and profitable, and the area did have a sawmill. I am still working on obtaining a historical map of the area so I can find out what some of the structures I photographed used to be..The area was home to a number of shops and mills.

Looping off of highway 62, takes only a few minutes to drive through but is well worth the trip. Old L'amable road can also lead you onto Bronson road, which takes you on some kind of historic pioneer tour thing; I was able to see the collapsed remains of a home. There are a view structures on private land that are nice to look at as well. Somewhere along this road is supposed to be a collapsed church. From what I gather, Umfraville is also very close by.

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Old L'Amable Road
L'Ambling along
Created by: timo explorer

Old L'Amable Road

Old L'Amable Road

Old L'Amable Road

Old L'Amable Road

Old L'Amable Road

Old L'Amable Road

Old L'Amable Road
Old L'Amable Road
Old L'amable Road
Created by: jmka

Old L'Amable Road

Old L'Amable Road


Status: Active
Category: Ghost Town


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timo explorer says:
8/13/2011 11:04:47 PM

Check out St. George's Cemetery in the heart of town, if you can find it. Hidden away and overgrown.

clay70 says:
7/23/2010 9:15:32 AM

Umfraville is located SW of here where Umfraville Rd touches OLd Hastings Rd..

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