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Old Hastings Colonization Rd.

Ontario : Hastings Colonization Road
Location #881

Location Owner:chassy
Creation Date: 9/30/2009
Last Updated: 2/7/2017

Taking a drive down Old Hastings Colonization Rd hoping to see some reflections of times gone past. To learn about the 6 ghost towns on this road with more indepth photos check out the write-ups for (from south to north): Millbridge, Glanmire, Murphy Corners, Thanet, Ormsby and Umfraville.

The cross with handcuffs marked "Yvonne" is located in a swamp just south of Ormsby. She past away here after her car flipped and she drowned..

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History by the Murphy's
Old Hastings Colonization Rd.
Created on:2/7/2017
Created by: clay70
6 photos
2012 Fall Drive
Old Hastings Colonization Rd.
Created on:10/8/2012
Created by: clay70
15 photos
Maps of ghost towns
Old Hastings Colonization Rd.
Created on:7/12/2010
Created by: clay70
3 photos
Old Hastings Colonization Rd.
Created on:6/30/2010
Created by: chassy
5 photos
Old Hastings Colonization Rd.
Created on:6/30/2010
Created by: chevygirl
5 photos


Status: Unknown
Category: Ghost Town


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bunnyrabbit says:
10/24/2010 5:17:10 PM

When I was in Ornsby at the Old Hastings Gallery I asked if they had any information about the cross, and they told me that it was a car that flipped over and 2 women were in it and one drowned.

clay70 says:
10/3/2010 8:42:38 AM

I found the handcuffs after a nice exploration at unfathomable Umfraville (ghost town). This cross and handcuffs are located in a tiny bog just south of Ormsby where Yvonne flipped her and car and drowned..

clay70 says:
9/30/2009 10:04:45 PM

The location of the cemetery with the steps is Glanmire, which is south of Murphy Corners and north of Millbridge. Read about Glanmire to get more info about the church. I love those last 2 photos and am trying to guess where those were located as I never saw them from Millbridge to Umfraville. I am guessing they must have been from the top end or low end of the Old Hastings Rd.

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