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Old Fire Tower

Located in: Sables-Spanish Rivers Township
Location #14976

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Location Owner:yodadude
Creation Date: 9/15/2017
Last Updated: 11/19/2017


Location is hard to find. Roads are rough and have lots of logging trucks traveling them. This tower may be reached after a long hike up a steep hill.
Loads of fallen trees everywhere. Main danger is bears.
Property of Lands & Forest.
Reports from some logger friends say MNR may reactivate this tower next year or two .

Abandoned houses may be dangerous! Read the LEGAL DISCLAIMER.
Always obtain permission before entering someone else's property.

Status: Abandoned
Category: Other

Ontarios Fire Tower Lookouts http://ontarioftl.bravehost.co

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    Tower view
    Old Fire Tower
    Created on:11/19/2017
    Created by: yodadude
    3 photos
    Fire Tower
    Old Fire Tower
    Created on:9/15/2017
    Created by: yodadude
    3 photos

    yodadude says:
    11/19/2017 9:59:03 AM

    Posting video & photos thanks to a hunting buddy. We visited the place again. Sorry clay70 the cabin is gone. We drove right to the base hill. Everything trashed

    Royal City Explorer says:
    10/4/2017 9:20:51 PM

    Alright guys, whose up for a climbing adventure??? Let's go.

    clay70 says:
    9/15/2017 5:39:00 PM

    This is the Boon Tower correct? did u have to cross the river and then pass the old towermans cabin? If so please share photos of the cabin too...then the trek up is very hard as the trail ends...but we followed the old bush phone line up when we were there

    yodadude says:
    9/15/2017 11:16:44 AM

    I was out of shape to climb up & have a dislike for hights

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