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Old Dashwood area School

Located in: Huron County
Location #5199

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Location Owner:mobileworks
Creation Date: 8/14/2012
Last Updated: 4/1/2014

an old school [no S.S.#] that holds a lot of memories that I have yet to get. A few inside shots[ with delay and tripod through a broken window] that i didn't rotate for loss of picture. The front and only door[the other is to a shed attached] opens an inch [just a tease] but is locked.


The following info was provided by "dashwoodhistoryproject" & I posted it for him


S.S. # 8 Hay Township School / "The Tin School"

Constructed in 1872, the building is still standing as of
July 2013.

"During 1859, S.S. No. 8 was formed and a half acre of land was bought
from Jacob Schluchter off Lot 6, Concession 12, one and a quarter
miles north of Dashwood, then known as Friedsburg, for $10, for the
purpose of building a log school house.

David Bean was appointed first secretary-treasurer, and at the end of
the first year there was a balance of 28 cents in the books. Five
teachers taught in the log school house, 1859, Samuel Bean; 1866, Dan
Bean; 1868, T. Rollins; Miss Janet McArthur; and in 1870, Richard

The log school did duty for 13 years, when in 1872 on account of about
150 pupils, it was found necessary to build a new larger one. Another
half acre of land was purchased from Jacob Weber and Sam Rannie took
the contract to build a one room school and furnish it with hand made
wooden benches for the sum of $600.

Pupils from Dashwood in both Hay and Stephen [Townships] attended No.8
school and all non-resident pupils were charged 25 cents a month
unless Stephen council would allow them to pay their taxes to this
section. In 1868 the amount collected from these non-resident pupils
was $110.70. In 1888 the fee was raised to 50 cents. Nine years later
a school was built in Dashwood and the section lines changed. All
non-resident pupils were then excluded from the school. This section
contained 3400 acres and had an assessment of $145,200.

The first secretary-treasurer of the new school was Philip Schweitzer.
From 1873 to 1894 Joseph Snell was the Principal and assistant
teachers were hired when needed. Often an older pupil was put in
charge of the smaller classes to teach the "three R's". There were 21
assistants under Joseph Snell. After the Dashwood school was built,
the attendance dropped to 30 at No. 8 Hay, so that only one teacher
was necessary.

In 1923 the interior was remodelled and redecorated. In 1932, more
improvements were made in the school; a school garden started and
trees were plated around the grounds. The salary paid the teacher in
1900 was $225 per annum and gradually increased until 1920 when
Addison Tieman received $1175 per annum. [Editors note: In 1920,
$1,175 is roughly equivalent to $50,000 in today's funds.
Coincidently, $225 in 1900 dollars approximates the value of about
$40,000 today.] The salary gradually decreased and in 1935 the
teachers received $625. The salary increased and in 1958 the
teacher[s] received $3200. [Ed. note: A wage of $625.00 per annum in
1935, equals slightly more than $30,000 today; $3200 in 1958 dollars
is roughly equivalent to $35,000 - $40,000 today.]

Market conditions have changed decidedly since 1865 when thirteen and
three quarters of wood were bought from David Bean at 50 cents per
cord and in 1935 hard maple was bought for $12 per double cord. The
janitor in the early days was paid $11.50 [per year] for cleaning the
school and $4 for lighting the fires. In 1935 the janitor received $65
for the care of the building and grounds. By 1958 the janitor received

The instruction of music was introduced in 1936 with Lawrence Wein
instructor. Other instructors were R.H. Goulding, Mrs. A.E.
Oestreicher and Douglas Gill. In 1938 the school was wired for hydro
and a short time later [indoor] toilets were installed. To secure wood
for heat proved to be a problem with the wood lots diminishing, so oil
heating was installed in 1952 at a cost of $425.

On January 1, 1947, all the school sections in the Township of Hay
formed a school area, with five trustees to govern the whole township,
with Whitney Brokenshire as secretary-treasurer. A separate Roman
Catholic school was built in Zurich in 1959, so all the pupils of
Catholic faith were transferred to that school. At the end of June
1962 the school closed its doors and the pupils were transported to
Smoky Hollow School (S.S. 15 Hay). Today all the pupils are taken by
bus to central schools.

The following served as secretary-treasurer of this section: David
Bean, Isaac Bean, Noah Fried, Philip Schweitzer, Joseph Snell, Jacob
Rader, Fred Schroeder, John Voelker, Henry Truemner, Otto Miller,
Edmund Walper, Arthur Weber, Arnold Kuntz and John Rader.

The following [were] the teachers; 1859, Samuel Bean; 1866, Dan Bean;
1868, T. Rollins and Miss Janet McArthur; 1870, Richard Whiting;
1873-1894, Joseph Snell, Principal; 1877, Miss Walker; Miss Meldrum,
Wm. Hendersen; 1978, Thos. Hendersen, Miss Agnes Hendersen; 1879, Miss
Doby, Miss Maggie Taylor, Miss Laura Fried; 1880, Miss McMahon; 1881,
Miss M. Hamilton, Miss Grace Bastard, Ben Bean; 1887, Miss Brown;
1888, Miss Jean Lovell, James Erwin, Hugh Ross; 1889, Sam Haugh, Miss
McCarty, Miss Nettie Fulton, Mr. Scott; 1891, Miss Ella Halls; 1894,
Thos. Snell; 1895, Miss Mary Morrison, Miss Jessie Robertson; 1900,
Daniel Weber; 1903, Miss A.B. Murray; 1905, Miss Laura Jeckell, Miss
Addie Jeckel (sic), Miss E.A. Seldon; 1907, Miss Theo Harleib, Miss
Capling; 1908, Miss A.C. Milligen; 1910, R. Rutherford, Miss Violet
Graybeil; 1912, Miss Robina Duffin; 1914, Milton D. Oestreicher; 1915,
Miss Flora J. Lane; 1918, Miss Euloeen Guenther; 1920, Addison Tieman;
1923, Viola Bell; 1924, Miss Dorothy Balkwill; 1925, Whitney
Brokenshire; 1931, Miss Emma Brown; 1932, Miss Agnes Robertson; 1935,
Miss Mary I. Patterson; 1938, Miss Isobel Waldie; 1939, Miss Jean
Cole; 1942, Miss Catherine Fraser; 1944, Miss Dorothy O'Brien; 1945,
Mrs. Herbert Neeb; 1948, Mrs. Garnet Wildfong; 1952, Mrs. Katherine
Becker; 1956, Chas. W. McQuillin; 1958, Mrs. Herbert Neeb."

extracted from "Friedsburg-Dashwood 1860-1985" by Mary (Patterson)
Rader, 1985; pgs. 24-25, ISBN 0-9692115-0-3"

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Status: Abandoned
Category: Educational


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Dashwood school - Jan 2014
Old Dashwood area School
Created on:4/1/2014
Created by: TheAlecDude
10 photos
S.S. #8 Hay Township
Old Dashwood area School
Created on:7/4/2013
Created by: dashwoodhistoryproject
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Dashwood School
Old Dashwood area School
Created on:10/22/2012
Created by: pcb464
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Hidden school
Old Dashwood area School
Created on:8/14/2012
Created by: mobileworks
7 photos

dashwoodhistoryproject says:
7/4/2013 3:56:20 PM

The website appears to have automatically truncated all the details regarding the school that I provided. If anyone is interested in learning more about the place just ask. I've also got an early image of the school in operation.

dashwoodhistoryproject says:
7/4/2013 3:50:54 PM

This structure is the former S.S. #8 Hay Township School building, constructed in 1872, it is also known locally by oldtimers as the "Tin School". My grandmother attended that school in the 1890s, walking back and forth from Dashwood five times a week. Thought you guys might be interested in the details regarding the place that I extracted from a fairly rare local history book that I own, called

pcb464 says:
10/22/2012 8:57:50 PM

Was just there today

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