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Old Barrie Road

Ontario : Oro-Medonte
Location #5140

Location Owner:cbrianneb
Creation Date: 7/31/2012
Last Updated: 5/4/2015

Driving along down the Old Barrie Road, towards Orillia, I came across a driveway with a fallen down tree across it. Looked interesting, so I pulled over and walked up....and what do you know, abandoned! I was so excited! This place was very dark, hard to see and I wish I had brought a flashlight to explore further!As far as I know it was active until about 2006 and it just looks like they up and left, there were papers lying around, broken windows, beds still in the rooms and a whole wack of computer equipment. Also, little trinkets everywhere. Was a very cool and interesting place to explore!

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Status: Demolished | Category: House or Farm

A Shingled Beauty
Old Barrie Road
Created on:3/30/2016
Created by: Danno79
14 photos
May 2015
Old Barrie Road
Created on:5/4/2015
Created by: aeb00
11 photos
Absolutely Destroyed
Old Barrie Road
Created on:4/29/2015
Created by: angiebaby77
28 photos
Edge of Edgar
Old Barrie Road
Created on:10/20/2013
Created by: timo explorer
14 photos
Edgar House
Old Barrie Road
Created on:5/19/2013
Created by: Spiral
12 photos
Hidden Treasure
Old Barrie Road
Created on:7/31/2012
Created by: cbrianneb
20 photos

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Address: 1073-1258 Old Barrie Road, W, Shanty Bay (Between 4th and 5th line)
Province: Ontario

timo explorer says:
5/6/2016 12:55:16 AM

Recently demolished.

Samelalee says:
11/24/2012 8:11:22 PM

If you would like some more pictures I have a TONNE... My husband and I used to live in this home, before a new person moved in. This is what they left... Not us ;)

cbrianneb says:
8/4/2012 5:35:36 PM

Thank you!

trailblazer519 says:
7/31/2012 1:37:39 AM

Well how bout that eh, nice find.
That fridge looks new, wonder if it still works

kev7716 says:
7/31/2012 1:30:34 AM

Nice find!

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