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Oak Ridge at Waypoint Penetang

Ontario : Penetanguishene
Location #13355

Location Owner:Doozer
Creation Date: 4/10/2016
Last Updated: 10/1/2016

This was the Oak Ridge maximum security facility for the criminally insane. It was demolished in 2014, but I shot these pictures part way through the process. I would have liked to get more pictures, and get inside, but this is as close as I was able to get before a security guard showed up and chased me off. Apparently, they had cameras that I didn't see.

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Status: Demolished | Category: Correctional

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Address: Fuller Avenue, Penetanguishene, ON, Canada
Province: Ontario

Doozer says:
10/5/2016 10:40:31 PM

I wish I could have got more pictures. I had plenty of opportunity over the years. I worked there on a closed ward one summer as a painter when I was 17. My wife used to volunteer there occasionally and I used to sit in the car and wait for her. The original main entrance was an impressive piece of architecture.

ForgottenPlaces says:
10/1/2016 8:57:20 AM

When taking photos of the "gate" of Oakridge (as the building has been demolished) I had a car pull up with a bunch of older gentlemen in it, one of them informed me we aren't allowed to take photos of the property. Well, in my defence I had a doctor from Oakridge in my vehicle at the time of visit & he was replaying his memories as I took my photos. Photos were taken before getting stopped.

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