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Northfield UC Cemetery

Ontario : South Stormont
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Northfield United Church Cemetery, which accepted "customers" until the late 1950's, counts nine headstones, primarily from the Thompson and Wereley (Werley) families. One stone is relatively modern, the rest are in various degrees of both condition and legibility. This cemetery has, apparently, been transcribed, but this resource is unavailable online.

One picture shows a commemorative sign to the church that once stood across the street. The photo on the sign is from 1897. The church ceased being a place or worship in 1959. It then served as a community center until 2004, the date one presumes it was demolished. A community park now stands in its place.

My understanding is that a number of the original headstones of been moved to other area cemeteries (Willis and Hillside) but the remains, well, remain here. **Update** it is entirely possible that this isn't true as well, the headstones that were moved were on the Paupst family plot which does not seem to be where this cemetery was located**

The 1879 Belden map (snipped and provided) shows the area where Northfield now stands as consisting of the concessions granted to the Thompson, Werley and Poapst families. These were the pioneers of this area. The church is also shown in Concession 9, Lot 35, which was the property of J.A. Thompson.

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Address: 16130 Northfield Rd, Lunenburg, ON K0C 1R0, Canada
Province: Ontario

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